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West Philadelphia Landscape Project


Notable Events

Notable Events

  • President William Clinton speaks at Sulzberger Middle School, 2000 WPLP cited as Model of Best Practice by "Imagining America," White House Millennium Council 1999

  • Alexander Porshke, Minister for the Environment, Hamburg, Germany tours Mill Creek Watershed and Aspen Farms, 1999
  • Thomas Ehrlich, Senior Scholar, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, visits SMS classroom 1999

  • Philadelphia School District officials visit SMS classroom, 1999 National Center for Community Education Training Workshop site visit SMS, 2000

  • SMS teacher and students present Mill Creek Project and WPLP website to Pennsylvania Legislature as part of Governor's 1998 Budget Speech SMS named "School of the Month" by Philadelphia School District; Anne Spirn named Person of the Month, November 1998

  • SMS students win 1997 Best Design, Philadelphia Region, Fifth Annual National Engineers' Week Future City Competition, for "Silver City" WPLP cited by National Housing Institute as model of community-based planning

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  • WPLP cited by Clark University, Master's Program in GIS and International Development as example of participatory methods and GIS. WPLP website cited by European Environment Agency as among "Best Environmental Resources Directories"

  • Links to WPLP website include: Council for Urban Economic Development, Washington, DC; l'Universiti Catholique de Louvain, Faculti de Droit, Siminaire de Recherches en Droit de l'Environnement et de l'Urbanisme; Ordini degli Architetti di Roma e Provincia; Philadelphia City Planning Commission; New York City Garden Coalition; Institute for Cultural Landscape Studies, Harvard University; Yahoo! Design Arts/Landscape Architecture.

  • WPLP website has been used in courses at University of Missouri (urban ecosystems seminar); Oberlin College (environmental history), Bowdoin College (history of environment and equity).

  • WPLP has been subject of senior honors theses at Middlebury College and Stanford University.

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  • The Mill Creek Project at SMS, NBC Evening News, October 2, 1999.

  • The Mill Creek Project at SMS, 30-minute documentary aired daily on Philadelphia School District Cable TV Station, November 1998


  • Wisconsin Public Radio, "The West Philadelphia Landscape Project and the Language of Landscape," To the Best of Our Knowledge, January 17, 1999

  • "The West Philadelphia Landscape Project," Free Associations, on WHPK and WZRD Chicago, June 1999.

  • National Public Radio, "Buried Rivers," Radio Times, August 9, 1999.

  • Public Radio International, "The Language of Landscape," Dialogue, November 29-December 5, 1999.
    Listen to this program.

  • Michigan Public Radio, "The West Philadelphia Landscape Project," March 1998.

  • National Public Radio, "The West Philadelphia Landscape Plan," Living on Earth, 1993.


  • "The West Philadelphia Landscape Project," Bio-City 17 (November 1999), in Japanese.

  • "The Language of Landscape," Landscape Architecture (May 1999) featured WPLP.

  • "Landscape Organism: The West Philadelphia Landscape Project," Landscape Architecture, March 2000.

  • "Learning Gets Real With Service," by SMS teacher Glenn Campbell, Philadelphia Daily News, May 7, 1998.

  • "GFS Junior Teaches Art of Making Webs," Chestnut Hill Local, June 4, 1998.
  • "Dig These Gardens." Planning, July 1994.

  • "Surroundings: A Long-Buried Creek in West Philadelphia." Philadelphia Sunday Inquirer. November 15, 1992.

  • "A Natural Legacy: Ian McHarg and His Followers," Planning, November 1991.

  • "The New Crop," The New York Times Magazine: Home Design, October13, 1991.

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    p.20 (754 Kb GIF)
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    p.22 (602 Kb GIF)
    p.23 (423 Kb GIF)
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