Handout 01, The Mosque of the Prophet

Handout 02, The Vocabulary of Islamic Religious Architecture

Handout 03, The Architecture of the Early Mosques

Handout 04, Umayyad Grandeur

Handout 05, The Splendors of the Abbasids

Handout 06, The Early Monumental Mosques of Ifriqiya and al-Andalus (670-1000)

Handout 07, The Fatimid Counter-Caliphate

Handout 08, Mosques of Iran and Central Asia (8-11 century)

Handout 09, The Great Seljuqs, The Sunni Revival, and the Four-Iwan Plan

Handout 10, Anatolia, Iraq, and Syria 11-13th c

Handout 11, Ayyubids and Mamluks

Handout 12, Religious Architecture of the Ilkhanids

Handout 13, Religious Architecture of the Muslim Dynasties in India (12th-15th c.)

Handout 14, Late Mamluk Religious Architecture

Handout 15, Religious Architecture of the Timurids

Handout 16, Religious Architecture of Anatolia (14th and 15th centuries)

Handout 17, Classical Ottoman Architecture: The Age of Sinan

Handout 18, The Maydan-i-Shah in Isfahan, the Safavid Capital

Handout 19, Mughal Mausoleal

Handout 20, Nineteenth-Century Religious Architecture

Handout 21, Historicism and Religious Architecture in the Late Twentieth Century