6.005 — Software Construction
Fall 2015

6.005: Software Construction


Fri Oct 2: ps1 beta report now available

Grade reports and code reviewing for ps1 beta are now available.

As before, to see your beta’s autograde report, go to Didit, click the link to your psets/ps1 page, and click “beta” in the Milestones section. To see your beta’s code reviews, go to Caesar and click on ps1-beta under “submitted assignments.”

The ps1 final is due Tuesday at 10pm. Don’t forget to address each code review comment and make sure your submission is code-smell-free. If you need to take a slack day, remember to request it on Caesar before the deadline.

Good luck, and please ask any questions on Piazza.

Wed Sep 30: ps1 code reviewing now open, due Thu 10 pm

If you submitted ps1 beta last night, you can now go to Caesar to find your code-reviewing assignment. You should find 8 classes to review. Some or all of it may be JUnit test code, because tests are an important part of this problem set.

People who requested extensions will have to wait until the morning after their extended deadline before starting code review. See more about code reviewing deadlines.

Mon Sep 28: ps0 grades now available

To see your final pset grade and grade report, go to:

Your final grade was calculated as follows:
40% * beta-autograde
+ 45% * max(beta-autograde, final-autograde)
+ 15% * final-manual-grade

To see your final autograde report, go to Didit, click the link to your psets/ps0 page, and click “final” in the Milestones section.

Your final manual grade was assigned by staff inspection of your personal art, personal art code, and your response to code reviews.

For clarifications about grading comments on pset 0, please ask the staff member who made the comment. This information can be found in your grade report. Other questions about grading should be asked in person at Prof. Miller or Prof. Goldman’s office hours. http://web.mit.edu/6.005/www/fa15/general/#i_have_a_problem_with_my_grade_on_a_problem_set_or_quiz_or_other_6005_assignment_what_should_i_do

Wed Sep 23: ps1 released

ps1 has been released and is on the course website. The ps1 beta deadline is next Tuesday.

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