6.005 — Software Construction
Spring 2016

Learning Java

6.005 requires you to get up to speed quickly with the basics of Java. If you are not familiar with Java:

  • review the materials below
  • review Reading 2 and complete the reading exercises
  • visit office hours and lab hours to ask questions


The lecture slides and short programming assignments below are from IAP course 6.092 in 2011. They were authored by Evan Jones, Dina Kachintseva, Adam Marcus, and Eugene Wu.

You can also look at materials from 6.S092 in 2015 or the most recent materials from 6.178 in 2016.


Short Programming Assignments

You can use these assignments to practice Java before diving into PS0, Git, and JUnit.

The assignments below are not required for 6.005. You will not turn them in.

To work on the assignments, create a new Eclipse Java project (File → New → Java Project, name it tutorial, click Finish).

Then create a new class file (File → New → Class, enter the CamelCase name, click Finish).

Then copy-and-paste in the provided starting code.

To run a class with a main method, right-click and choose Run As → Java Application.

Have fun in 6.005!