6.005 — Software Construction
Spring 2016

6.005: Software Construction

Spring 2016 · Course Staff · MW11-12:30 & F11 (34-101)


Wed Apr 27: Problem Set 4 grades

Overall ps4 grades and grade reports are now available on Omnivore.

Your overall ps4 grade was calculated as:
40% × beta-autograde + 42% × final-autograde + 18% × manual-grade

To see your final autograde report, go to Didit, follow the link to your psets/ps4 page, and click “final” in the “Milestones” section.

Your manual grade was assigned by staff inspection of your specifications, tests, documentation, code, and your response to code reviews.

If you have questions, please see the FAQ about grading questions.

Mon Apr 25: Quiz 2 grades

Quiz 2 grades are now available on Gradescope, and you will receive an email from Gradescope with a link.

Quiz 2 solutions are posted on the web site. Later this week, your official grade will be recorded on Omnivore.

As with all assignments, please bring grading issues or questions to instructor office hours. Gradescope has a “regrade request” feature, but we will not be using it.

Mon Apr 25: Final Project

The final group project is now on the course web site, and project teams and mentors are posted on Omnivore.

In today’s class, after we practice team version control with Git, you will meet with your team, create and clone your project repo, check in with your TA mentor, and start writing your team contract. The team contract is due tonight, and the first project milestone is due this Thursday night.

Tue Apr 19: Project team signup

Starting Monday, you will be working on the final project in teams of three people. Please fill out the project signup form by this Friday, April 22, at 10pm.

You should fill out the form now, even if you don’t have a team of three: just choose the appropriate option on the form. You can resubmit another response if your plans change by Friday, and we will use your last submitted response. To find additional team members, use the Piazza teammates post!

If you do not fill out the form, you will not be assigned to a group. We will assume you have dropped the course. All members of a team must submit the form.

As always, if you have any questions, ask on Piazza!

Sat Apr 16: Quiz 2 this Friday

Quiz 2 will be on Friday, April 22, 11am-12noon, in Walker 3rd floor gym. That’s the usual class time, but not the usual class location. The quiz is 50 minutes.

The quiz will cover readings 1-26, from the start of the semester through the out-of-order classes this past week. The quiz will focus on classes after quiz 1, but any and all concepts from readings 1-26 may appear on the quiz. Quizzes from previous semesters can be find in the quiz archive, although their content may differ a bit from the topics we’ve discussed this semester.

The quiz is on paper, so you will not need your laptop. It is closed-book, closed-notes, but you may bring a single 8.5×11” double-sided page of notes, readable without a magnifying glass. The notes must be created by you, not anybody else, since the process of creating a crib sheet is most of the learning benefit of it.

Review sessions will be held:

  • on Wednesday during the first hour of class time, 11am-12noon;
  • and in office hours on Thursday, 2-3pm and 4-5pm.

At the review sessions, TAs will provide selected exercises and problems from previous quizzes, and will be able to answer any questions you have as you work through them.

As always, you can visit any TA office hours to ask quiz review questions, or post on Piazza.