6.005 — Software Construction
Spring 2016

6.005: Software Construction

Spring 2016 · Course Staff · MW11-12:30 & F11 (34-101)


Fri Feb 5: Athena wanted a snow day

1. Due to the downtime last night and earlier today, where 6.005 sites and repos were offline due to still-unexplained AFS issues, some adjustments you should be aware of:

  • Nanoquiz 2 was graded as best-2-out-of-3. Grades are on Omnivore.

  • The deadline for ps0 problems 1-3 is 10pm tonight. Your code is not graded at this deadline: continue to revise and improve all of ps0 for the beta submission on Tuesday.

  • The deadline for GitStream exercises is also 10pm tonight, since the Getting Started page was unavailable. If you haven’t done those exercises, please do.

2. If you were not able to collaborate using Eclipseonut in class today, please visit lab hours over the weekend and get help from the LAs. Eclipseonut will be required for all in-class exercises, starting Monday.

Thanks for joining us on the wild ride that is 6.005, and enjoy the snow!

Wed Feb 3: Problem Set 0 and Getting Started

Problem Set 0 is now available.

For help getting started with Java, Eclipse, and Git: visit office hours (2-3pm and 4-5pm in the 32-G7 lounge) and lab hours (7pm to 10pm in 32-044) today and tomorrow. TAs and LAs will be there to help you install and set up the tools you need for 6.005.

You must have all the tools set up and ready before class at 11am on Friday. See Part I (problems 0 to 3) of ps0.

ps0 beta is due next Tuesday, February 9, at 10pm. ps0 final will be due the following Tuesday. See the General Information page for a description of beta and final problem set deadlines.

If you need help with course material or programming in Java, please see the calendar of office and lab hours.

For almost all questions, Piazza is the place to ask. Once again, welcome to 6.005!

Wed Feb 3: Reading exercises and nanoquizzes

Welcome to 6.005!

In class today you completed reading exercises in reading 1 and took a first nanoquiz. Your grades for the reading exercises and nanoquiz are now on Omnivore.

Reading 2 is online.

Reading exercises are due 10pm the evening before class, so reading 2 exercises are due at 10pm tomorrow.

In class on Friday we will take a nanoquiz on reading 2. Nanoquiz grades are posted at or soon after the end of class, at which point the 7 × 24-hour makeup period begins. See nanoquiz grading and makeup for details.

If you have questions, please ask on Piazza.

Tue Jan 26: Welcome to 6.005!

You’re getting this message because you preregistered for 6.005. Welcome! A few announcements:

  1. In order to join the class properly, you must fill out this signup form. Please fill it out now. 6.005 is oversubscribed, so you must fill out this form before the end of the first class meeting on Wednesday, or else you won’t be able to take the course for credit.

  2. 6.01 is a required prerequisite for this course. If you haven’t taken 6.01 or 6.S04, you won’t be able to take 6.005 for credit, only as a listener.

  3. You will need to bring a laptop to every 6.005 class meeting, including the first meeting on Wednesday, February 3. If you don’t have a laptop, IS&T can lend you one.

See you next Wednesday!