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Date Headline
05/18/98 Phase II Results
05/08/98 Quiz 3 Information
05/07/98 Final Grade Distribution Policy
04/30/98 What Will Be
04/26/98 Bug in Quiz 2
04/21/98 34-101 back in business
04/21/98 Lecture 19 Notes Bug
04/21/98 Handing back Quiz 2
04/21/98 Lecture location for Wednesday, April 22
04/21/98 One-pager on Coda canceled
04/16/98 Quiz 2 Confusion - Yet another change of location
04/10/98 34-101 Flood
03/02/98 About Quiz 1 (bring a calculator)
02/23/98 Accessing Source Code from Lectures
02/18/98 Assignment 2 Due at Recitation on Thursday, 2/19
02/04/98 Recitations Assigned
02/04/98 Recitation Changes/Corrections
02/01/98 First Day of Classes (Tuesday, 2/3)
01/25/98 What we hope for and what you can expect


Phase II Results

May 18, 1998

Phase II results should appear on WebSIS by the middle of June. If you are worried that you may not have passed phase II, you can email jclee@eecs.mit.edu. Thanks for your patience!


Quiz 3 Information

May 8, 1998

Quiz 3 will be in Walker and 34-101 during normal class hours, 2-3pm, on Wednesday, May 13. You should go to:

Since the quiz is during a normal class hour, you shouldn't have a class conflict; but if for some reason you do, e-mail kaashoek@mit.edu as soon as possible.

Quiz 3 covers all the material from Lecture 17 (April 8) through Recitation 24 ( May 7). The topics covered include fault tolerance and performance. (You may want to refer to the 6.033-At-A-Glance handout for a high-level topic review, or look over the lecture notes.) Of course, since the class is all about systems, there may be some interaction with previous topics, seeing as this material builds on topics studied earlier. Just as before, the quiz is open book and open notes. The solutions to the practice quizzes will be handed out on Tuesday, May 12.


Final Grade Distribution Policy

May 7, 1998

You can obtain your final grade for 6.033 from the course secretary, Neena Lyall, starting Wednesday, May 20, after 2pm. To protect privacy, you will need to go in person to NE43-523 with some form of identification to get your grade. We won't distribute any grades by phone, email, friends, etc. Note that Anne Hunter does *not* have these grades -- please do not call her on this issue.


Preview of last lecture of term: What Will Be

April 30, 1998

On May 11, Michael Dertouzos, Director of the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science, will give a guest lecture for 6.033 discussing "What Will Be". Here is a little teaser for the talk:

Everyone is talking about cyberspace -- a terrabyte infested metallic otherworld to which we are allegedly headed. Baloney! Then there is lots of talk about multimedia, which despite the superlatives will only account for 5% of what will actually flow on tomorrow's information marketplace. Hype like this abounds, while important innovations like spoken language systems and forthcoming metadata additions to the Web are around the corner -- yet no one talks about them. Questions also abound: Which transport system will win -- telephony, satellites, video cable, or wireless? How must the Internet and Web systems change to meet the demands of a true Information Marketplace? What are the truly new forces arising out of these new systems and how might we harness them? In this talk the author of the bestseller, "What Will Be: How the New World of Information Will Change Our Lives" will answer these questions and will discuss where we are headed with the technology, the uses and the impact of the New World of Information.


Bug in grading Question 14 on Quiz 2

April 26, 1998

The staff made a bug in grading question 14 of Quiz 2. If you have circled 14 a, b, and c as answers you should have received full credit for question 14 (11 points). If you didn't receive full credit, please see your TA and we will correct the mistake. Our apologies.


34-101 back in business

April 23, 1998

Beginning Monday, April 27, lectures will resume in 34-101.


Lecture 19 Notes Bug

April 21, 1998

An updated version of the notes for lecture 19 are out. There was a bug in the code for the concurrent read procedure. The version now available online fixes the bug.


Handing back Quiz 2

April 21, 1998

Quiz II will be handed back on Thursday. If you need to know your grade before Thursday to determine whether you want to drop 6.033, contact your TA directly. If not, please hold off until Thursday.


Lecture location for Wednesday, April 22

April 21, 1998 12:17PM

We will hold lecture in 10-250 on Wednesday, April 22. Check this page for authoritative notices.


One-pager on Coda canceled

April 21, 1998

Because your team already has a design paper due on April 30, we have canceled the writing assignment on Coda. However, you still have the assigned reading.


Quiz 2 Confusion - Yet another change of location

April 16, 1998

We no longer have 34-101 or 10-250 for the quiz. Instead, we have room 3-370. This has necessitated some routing changes; if your last name start with a letter in the range A through Q go to Walker, otherwise head to 3-370. To repeat:

For Quiz 2, Friday, April 17

Quiz 2 will be in Walker and 3-370 during normal class hours, 2-3pm, on April 17. You should go to:

If you have a conflict because you are taking a class in this time slot, e-mail kaashoek@mit.edu as soon as possible.

Quiz 2 covers all the material from Recitation 8 (March 3) through Recitation 16 (April 7), specifically networking, naming, and protection and security. This includes Lectures 9 through 16. (You may want to refer to the 6.033-At-A-Glance handout for a high-level topic review, or look over the lecture notes.) But this being 6.033, there is no way we can avoid asking questions that touch on earlier ideas, so don't forget everything you know about complexity and infrastructure. Just as before, the quiz is open book and open notes. Quiz questions from previous years were given out last week, and the solutions to those questions will be available earlier this week.

Check this web page before the quiz again, just in case the registrar pulls a quick one on us.


34-101 Flood

April 10, 1998

Due to the flood in building 34 yesterday, 6.033 lecture has been moved to E51-115 on Monday 4/13. On Wednesday 4/15, lecture will be held in 54-100. The registrar's office is working on sending email to all students who have classes in 34-101 and we have posted a sign outside of the lecture hall.


About Quiz 1

March 2, 1998

Quiz 1 will be in Walker and 34-101 during normal class hours, 2-3pm, on March 6. You should go to:

Make sure you bring a calculator to the quiz. The quiz will cover all the material up to (and including) lecture 8 and is open book/notes.

If you have a conflict because you are taking a class in this time slot, e-mail kaashoek@mit.edu as soon as possible.

Previous years' quizzes are available online and outside the course secretary's office. Solutions to these quizzes will be distributed in recitation on Tuesday (tomorrow).


Accessing Source Code from Lectures

February 23, 1998

The source code from the lectures can be found in the 6.033 locker under the src directory. After attaching the 6.033 locker, just look in /mit/6.033/src. Each subdirectory in src corresponds to one of the programs from the lectures. Before trying to build a particular program, copy the contents of its directory to somewhere where you have write permissions. Then read the program's README file for further instructions.


Assignment 2 Due at Recitation on Thursday, 2/19

February 18, 1998

Assignment 2 will not be collected at today's lecture. Instead, it will be collected during tomorrow's recitation.


Recitations Assigned

February 4, 1998

Recitations have been assigned for Thursday. For more details, see the student list.


Recitation Changes/Corrections

February 4, 1998

There have been a few changes/corrections to the recitations:

The Administrivia handout and General Information page have been updated to reflect the changes.


First Day of Classes (Tuesday, 2/3)

February 1, 1998

Important: 6.033 will hit the ground running on Tuesday, Feb. 3 (the first day of classes) by holding recitation section meetings that are not just organizational and administrative--they will have real content as well.

Pick any recitation section you want, not necessarily the one listed on your schedule. Try and pick a section with an instructor you have not had before. We will balance the sections after the first week or so.

We will distribute hardcopies of the schedule, administrivia handout, and assignment at recitation.


What we hope for and what you can expect

January 25, 1998

When new assignments are posted to the home page
We will post new assignments by Tuesday at 9am, so please check the 6.033 home page every Tuesday after 9am.

What you should expect of each assignment
We will not change an assignment after it is posted unless we discover a mistake serious enough to warrant a change. In case a change is made, it will be announced both on the home page and in the next lecture.


Questions or comments regarding 6.033? Send e-mail to the TAs at 6.033-tas@mit.edu.
Questions or comments about this web page? Send e-mail to 6.033-webmaster@mit.edu.

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