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02/28/98 6.033-lab Discuss Archive
02/19/98 TCP Proxy extension
02/13/98 First Recitation
02/01/98 Announcing the 6.033 Lab


6.033-lab Discuss Archive

February 28, 1998

In case you lose any 6.033-lab email, look at the 6.033-lab discuss archive on menelaus.mit.edu. The first transaction for this year is #65.

One method to browse the archive:


In emacs:

M-x discuss
a                               <- add meeting
menelaus                        <- the hostname
/usr/spool/discuss/6.033-lab    <- the pathname


TCP Proxy extension

February 19, 1998

In order for us to develop automated testing routines, you have until Friday, February 27 to turn in the TCP Proxy server. Lucky you. :-)


First Recitation

February 13, 1998

There are three sections (taught simultaneously at 2pm): 24-307, 26-310, 36-153. Please select one to attend using some unbiased random process. Registration for the lab will take place later on February 20.

Three TAs will be teaching lab sections this year. They are Kevin Fu, Dave Mazieres, and Costa Sapuntzakis. Administrative questions should be addressed to 6.033-lab-tas@mit.edu.

The 6.033-lab@mit.edu mailing list and the 6.033-lab zephyr instance can be used for discussions of the labs. We'd like to encourage students to post questions to the list and for other students to answer them.

There is a minor assignment to help get you acquainted with the development environment and tools on Athena. We will be doing all development under UNIX with C as the primary language. C proficiency is assumed for this class, though experience with the UNIX system interface is not.

There are two major projects in this class. The first is a Web proxy server. It is an individual project and though collaboration on the design and working through the implementation is allowed, all the code should be yours. The second is a file system. The file system is a group project, done in groups of three.

You will be able to substitute the write-ups of your design and implementation of both projects in lieu of doing 6.033 design projects 1 and 2.


Announcing the 6.033 Lab

February 1, 1998

This year, 6.033 is offering an additional elective 6-unit lab. The lab is designed to provide students with hands-on experience with concepts taught in 6.033. See what happened last year in lab.

Sign up for the lab during the first lecture on the second day of classes. The subject number for the lab will be 6.906, but please wait before registering for this subject, particularly because we may need to limit enrollment. Note that the lab will not satisfy the Institute or department lab requirements. Stay tuned...


Questions or comments regarding the 6.033 lab? Send e-mail to the lab TAs at 6.033-lab-tas@mit.edu.
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