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Current assignment

[PS]  Assignment 12, (5/2-5/15)



Quiz 3 Statistics Available.
6.033 Related Courses.
Final Grades Distribution Policy.
Quiz 2 Statistics Available.
Poetry from Prof. Ward's students.
TA Office Hours

Old News

Quiz 3 Statistics Available

[PS]  Quiz 3 Statistics are now available [postscript only].

May 17, 1997

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6.033 Related Courses

Interested in taking 6.033 related courses next term? A list of such classes can be found here.

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Final Grade Distribution Policy

You can obtain your final grade for 6.033 from the course secretary, Neena Lyall, starting Wednesday, May 21, after 2pm. To protect privacy, you will need to go in person to NE43-523 with some form of identification to get your grade. We won't distribute any grades by phone, email, friends, etc.

Quiz 2 Statistics Available

[PS]  Quiz 2 Statistics are now available [postscript only].

Poetry from Prof. Ward's students

Ever wonder about the poetic ability of your classmates? At the beginning of the term, Professor Ward challenged his sections to turn in one weekly reading report in the form of a triolet. Here are some of their submissions.

May 2, 1997

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TA Office Hours

If you can't make your TA's office hours, feel free to stop by another TA's office hours, or email your TA to make an appointment.

TA Hours Room
Pratip Banerji Weds. 11a-1p 24-323
Matt Lau Weds. 3p-5p E15-468
Scott MacGregor Tues. 3p-5p 10-015
Costa Sapuntzakis Mon. 4p-5p, Weds. 3p-5p NE43-521c
Jiri Schindler Mon. 12p-2p NE43-414
Dan Winship Tue/Thu 4p-5p E40-342

March 3, 1997



The following handouts are new or current. Choosing "[PS]" will fetch a PostScript version of the handout. Most handouts are also available in HTML, by choosing the name of the handout itself. Hardcopy-only handouts can be obtained from the course secretary.

[PS]  34: Quiz #2 [PostScript Only]
[PS]  35: Assignment 11, (4/24-5/1)
[PS]  36: Bibliography of Additional Reading Materials [Hardcopy Only]
[PS]  37: Quiz #2 Solutions [PostScript only]
[PS]  38: Assignment 12, (5/2-5/15)
[PS]  39: Practice Quiz #3 Questions (1994) [PostScript 0nly]
[PS]  40: More Practice Quiz #3 Questions (1995) [PostScript 0nly]
[PS]  41: Yet More Practice Quiz #3 Questions (1996) [PostScript 0nly]
[PS]  42: 1994 Quiz #3 Solutions [PostScript 0nly]
[PS]  43: 1995 Quiz #3 Solutions [PostScript 0nly]
[PS]  44: 1996 Quiz #3 Solutions [PostScript 0nly]
[PS]  45: Quiz #3 [PostScript 0nly]
[PS]  46: Course Feedback Form [PostScript 0nly]
[PS]  47: Quiz #3 Solutions [PostScript 0nly]

Old Handouts

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Lab Handouts

[PS]  Lab 1: 6.033 Lab Overview
[PS]  Lab Assignment 1: A Web Server
[PS]  Lab Assignment 2: An RPC Library
[PS]  Lab Assignment 3: A Simple Filesystem
[PS]  Documentation: Debugging Malloc Library


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