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Assignment for 4/1

The one-page paper for the cancelled Tuesday, April 1 recitation can be turned in in recitation on Thursday, April 3.

April 2, 1997

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Information about Technical Writing

For information regarding how to write a technical paper including how to cite references see the Online Guide to Scientific and Technical writing.

March 17, 1997

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Late Policy on Design Projects

Design Project 1 is due in recitation on Thursday, March 20th. Late design projects will be docked one letter grade for every recitation day they are late. So projects turned in after Thursday's recitation can get no better than a B, those turned in after the Tuesday April 1 recitation can get no better than a C, etc.

March 17, 1997, 9:41PM

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Design Project 1

Design Project #1 (for PostScript, click here) available. It is due March 20th. Background reference materials are also available.

March 6, 1997

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Quiz 1 Information

It appears that some people are having trouble finding this information (taken from Assignment 4):

Quiz I will be in Walker during normal class hours, 2-3pm, on March 7. The quiz will be OPEN BOOK. Topics: everything up through the lecture of March 3 is fair game. March 7, 1997 More TA Office Hours

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More TA Office Hours

As announced in lecture, more TA office hours will be held from 3pm-5pm Thursday (today) in room 34-303. There will not be any prepared quiz review material, but we'll be answering any questions you might have about any of the material.

March 6, 1997

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Change in room for Sussman's recitation sections

Professor Sussman's recitations sections (#3 and #4) will be meeting in room 36-839 instead of 26-302 starting this Tuesday, March 4th.

March 2, 1997

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Minor change in HTML version of reading list

There has been minor correction in the HTML version of Reading List, the reading list. This change does not affect the hard copy version of the reading list that was distributed with the readings.

February 23, 1997


The first day of classes

Important: 6.033 will hit the ground running on Tuesday, Feb. 4 (the first day of classes) by holding recitation section meetings that are not just organizational and administrative--they will have real content as well.

Pick any recitation section you want, not necessarily the one listed on your schedule. Try and pick a section with an instructor you have not had before. We will balance the sections after the first week or so.

January 22, 1997

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Modern Operating Systems at Quantum Books

The textbook Modern Operating Systems is available at Quantum Books and not at the Coop. Quantum Books is located in Kendall Square, behind the Coop at the corner of Broadway and Ames Streets.

The Mythical Man-Month has not been ordered yet. We'll post information as soon as Quantum has copies.

February 4, 1997

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Recitation Section Assignments

Recitation section assignments are now available online. As a helpful reminder, under the Edit menu in Netscape, there is a find option which you can use to search the class list for your name. If your name does not appear in a recitation list or we have your name or email address in error, please email one of the TAs. One more note, if you would like your email address removed from the sections list, email 6.033-tas@mit.edu.

February 5, 1997

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Errata in Administrative Handouts

Recitation section #5 is held in 36-156 and not 36-153. In addition, Prof. Sussman's phone number was incorrect. Updated versions of the administrative handouts are posted.

February 7, 1997

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Errata in 6.033 At a Glance Handout

The 6.033 At a Glance handout, had several minor errors including the incorrect year. However, none of the assignments and due dates were changed. An updated postscript version can be obtained here, and an updated html version can be obtained here.

February 13, 1997

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Students in 6.033 Lab

The class list for the 6.033 lab section is available.

February 16, 1997

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6.033 Writing Practica Class List

The 6.033 Writing Practica Class List is now available online.

February 19, 1997

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REVISED Assignment 3, (2/20-2/26)

For recitation on Tuesday, February 25, only read pages 1-12 in Birell's threads paper. If you get interested in threads, the material in pages 13-22 is also of considerable interest, and if you get really interested in threads, go ahead and read the whole paper. The assignment previously asked that pages 1-22 be read. A revised assignment is available. For Postscript version, click here.

February 19, 1997

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HTML Schedule

No more waiting for Ghostview to pop up the Postscript schedule. View the schedule in HTML format by clicking on schedule on the top bar!

February 20, 1997

How to hand in design project 2

The process of reviewing papers of other design project teams may differ by recitation section. If you were instructed otherwise by your recitation instructor in Tuesday's recitation please disregard the second part of this message regarding the anonymous review of the reports.

On Thursday in recitations, you are expected to turn in your design project 2 reports. As a group you should hand in two copies at your designated recitation. One copy should contain title page with the names of the group members. This copy is going to be graded by your recitation instructor. You will receive one grade for the paper and all the members of a group will receive the same grade for the paper.

The other copy, which you will turn in at the same time as the first copy, should have a title page but without the names of the group members. Include a 6-digit code on the cover page instead and put the same code on the cover page of the "signed" report.

This second anonymous copy is going to be given to another team in your section on the same day and that team will prepare a 5-minute presentation on it for next Tuesday's recitation.

Because of the constraints given by this schedule we cannot give extensions and all papers should be turned in on Thursday in recitations. Teams which consist of two people from one section and one from another should turn in the paper in the section to which two members belong.

In preparation for Tuesday's section your design team should prepare a 5-minute presentation on the paper of your classmates you received on Thursday. In addition to the presentation, each team should hand in a single one-page reading report on the paper you reviewed as a group. This one-page report should include the names of all the team members/evaluators as well as the 6-digit "secret" code. The one-page reports should be attached to the anonymous copy of the paper you were evaluating.

April 29, 1997

Quiz 2 Vital Stats

As stated in Assignment 9:
Quiz 2 will be in Walker during normal class hours, 2-3pm, today, April 18. Quiz 2 covers all the material from Recitation 8 (March 4) through Recitation 16 (April 8), specifically networking, naming, and protection and security. This includes lectures 9 through 16.

April 18, 1997

Design Project 2 Partners List

An online list of students looking for partners for the second design project is available. Send email to 6.033-tas@mit.edu to add or remove yourself from the list.

April 14, 1997

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Practice Questions for Quiz #2

Handouts with practice questions for quiz #2 are available. Work on the most recent exams first, as they will contain more relevant information than the older ones. A hardcopy of these questions will be distributed in lecture on Monday. Solutions will be posted on Tuesday, with hardcopies distributed on Wednesday.

April 10, 1997

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Design Project #2

Design Project #2 (for PostScript, click here) available.

April 10, 1997

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