Spring 2016

This assignment is due at 5:00pm on February 19th and will be graded by your TA. Submit your write-up via our submission site.

For this assignment, your job is to analyze and critique DNS. Your focus should be on the system itself, not on analyzing and critiquing a particular source material (the source material, here, is sections 2.2, 3.1, and 4.4 of the 6.033 textbook).

To help in this assignment, use the Crit 1 worksheet to organize your thoughts. This worksheet contains many common questions we ask about systems, though it is not exhaustive. For this critique, we won't collect it (on future critiques, we will).

Once you have completed the worksheet, write up your answers to each question. Your final write-up should be 1-2 pages; your answer to each question should be a few sentences long. It's fine to answer the questions individually rather than as one long essay.

Submit your write-up using our submission site. Again, this assignment is due at 5:00pm on February 19th, not 11:59pm.

Questions or comments regarding 6.033? If you are a student, please post on Piazza. If not, send e-mail to the 6.033 staff at .

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