Massachusetts Institute of Technology
6.252J : NonLinear Programming
Spring 2005, TR 2:30 - 4:00 pm (32-124)
Professor Dimitri P. Bertsekas
email: dimitrib AT
Teaching Assistant: Chi (Kyle) Guan
email: ckguan AT
Office Hours: M 4:00 - 6:00pm, 6th floor lounge, Building 32 Stata Center
Recitations: every other week, Friday, 2-3pm, 36-112.

Text: Nonlinear Programming: 2nd Edition, Bertsekas, Athena Scientific, 1999.

Grading: In-class midterm (30%); 3-hour final (40%); Problem Sets (30%)

Lecture Slides

Homework Assignments

Newton's Method (FORTRAN Code)

Recitation Notes

Book Errata

Practice Midterm

Practice Midterm Solution

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