6.813/6.831 — User Interface Design & Implementation
Spring 2017

6.813/6.831: User Interface Design & Implementation

Spring 2017 · Course Staff · MWF1 (34-101)


Fri May 12: Monday cancelled, Wednesday madness

Monday’s worktime is cancelled. The classroom is still available at that time for your group to meet, but there won’t be a nanoquiz.

Wednesday’s final class will be primarily devoted to lightning-fast “madness” presentations of your projects. Please prepare a 45-second (no more!) presentation about your project. Your presentation material may be either a live demo of the app, a Google Presentation (world-readable), or a YouTube video. Once you’ve created the presentation material, please put a link to it on this signup page. For inspiration, you can watch 30-second video previews from CHI, the premier HCI conference.

Wed Apr 19: HW2 released

HW2, the last individual homework for everybody in the course, is now released on the website.

The deadline is next Wed, Apr 26, at 10pm.

Fri Mar 24: AS1-3 and RS1-3 released

The problem set sequences for the graduate version of the course – AS1-3 for 6.831M, and RS1-3 for 6.831D – are now posted on the course website.

The deadline of the first problem set (AS1 and RS1) is two weeks after spring break, Friday April 14.