6.813/6.831 — User Interface Design & Implementation6.813/6.831: User Interface Design & Implementation
Spring 2017

6.813/6.831: User Interface Design & Implementation

Spring 2017 · Course Staff · MWF1 (34-101)


Wed Feb 15: PS1, GR1, programming labs

The first programming problem set, PS1, can now be found on the website. It’s due next Wed 10pm.

It’s also time to look for a group project team and propose your project idea. The GR1 assignment is on the website and describes the requirements of the project and your group. The first part of GR1 – submitting your project idea and group members – is due next Tue 10pm.

If you need help finding group members, Piazza has a “Search for Teammates” post that you can use.

Finally, for getting help with learning HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery, which you’ll need for PS1, there are optional programming labs tonight and tomorrow night, 7:30-9:30pm in 32-082.

Mon Feb 13: calendar adjustments because of snow closing

Today’s class, 03 Efficiency, is postponed to this Wednesday. If you missed doing its reading exercises last night, you now have until Tue 10pm.

The original class for Wednesday, 04 Safety, has been postponed until next Wednesday. It will keep the number 04 because its reading was already released and renumbering it now would be painful.

Some later topics have been moved around and renumbered as a result; see the calendar on the website.

Wed Feb 8: preparation for this Friday, and HW1 released

This Friday we will have an all-class meeting at 1pm in 34-101, just like today. We’ll talk about learnability, and you’ll need to prepare by doing reading 2 and answering its reading questions. Reading questions should be submitted by 10pm the night before to get participation credit. There will be a nanoquiz at the start of Friday’s class.

Homework 1 (hall of fame and shame) is also posted, and is due next Wednesday.

Undergrads and masters students (in 6.813U and 6.831M) will have no studio this Friday. Studios for those versions of the course will start once we’ve formed project groups.

PhD students (in 6.831D) do have a studio meeting this Friday, 2-3pm (right after class) in 38-166 (very close to 34-101). More information about what to prepare for the 6.831D studio will be emailed directly to the people who signed up for 6.831D on the signup form.