8.592J Spring 2018 Teaching Staff


Prof. Mehran Kardar
Department of Physics and Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics
Office: Room 6C-315, Tel: 253-3259
Email: kardarATmit.edu
Office Hours: Tuesday/Thursday 11-11:40, or by appointment

Prof. Leonid Mirny
Department of Physics and Health Science and Technology
Office: Room E25-526, Tel: 452-4862
Email: leonidATmit.edu
Office Hours: TBA, or by appointment

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Teaching Assistants:

Srivatsan Rajagopal

Department of Physics 
Office Hours: Fridays 2-3pm
Room 6-312
Email: srivat91ATmit.edu

Course Manager:

Ms. Denise Wahkor
Academic Programs
Room 4-315
Phone: 253-4855
Email: denisewATmitDOTedu

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