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Grad student Vishnu Sresht and Professor Daniel Blankschtein find a simple way to make and reconfigure complex emulsions - February 25
Langer lab develops a self-healing nanogel to aid drug delivery - February 19
Dan Anderson’s drug delivery and biomaterials work profiled - February 17
Profs. Anderson and Langer work to help control diabetes - February 9
WSJ discusses pharmaceutical continuous manufacturing, highlighting the MIT-Novartis partnership - February 8
Profs. Chakraborty and Wittrup are one step closer to an HIV vaccine - February 6
Greg Rutledge elected Fellow of ACS PMSE - February 5
Karen Gleason 82, alums John Klier 84, Samir Mitragotri PhD 96, and Doros Theodorou PhD 95 elected to the National Academy of Engineering - February 5
Brad Olsen named 2015 ACS Herman F. Mark Young Scholar - February 3
Bob Langer wins Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering - February 3
Carbon capture work by Alan Hatton and grad students Aly Eltayeb and Mike Stern profiled in the Boston Globe - February 2
Boston Globe profiles Prof. Jensen’s and Armon Sharei PhD ‘13’s SQZ Biotech - January 12

Grad student Mark Weidman’s work with quantum dots could make solar cells more efficient - December 30
Professor Will Tisdale highlighted by MIT Materials Processing Center - December 23
Five Course X undergrads named MIT SHASS Burchard Scholars - December 22
Course X senior Anisha Gururaj aims to connect life-changing technologies with people who need them - December 18
Yuriy Roman wins NSF CAREER Award for Molecular Catalysis for Waste Valorization - December 17
Bob Langer named Cornell Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 - December 16
Paula Hammond’s lab highlighted in Science Careers - December 3
GVD, founded by Karen Gleason and Hilton Pryce Lewis SM ’98 PhD ’01, highlighted by ILP - December 1
Greg Stephanopoulos elected 2015 President of the AIChE - November 14
Langer Lab helps find a new way to make batteries safer - November 3
Startups by MIT ChemE alums and profs earn MassChallenge $100k and $50k awards - October 31
Yuriy Roman profiled in Fall 2014 edition of SPECTRVM - October 20
Professor Emeritus Edward W. Merrill elected to Institute of Medicine - October 20
Graduate student Won Jun Jo earns 2014 Doh Wonsuk Memorial Award, to be given at 2014 AIChE Annual Meeting - October 20
Pat Doyle named Robert T. Haslam (1911) Professor of Chemical Engineering - October 9
Greg Stephanopoulos and team develop new approach to boosting biofuel production - October 2
ChemE researchers develop drug-delivery capsule to replace injections - October 1
Professor Kwanghun Chung and team receive NIH BRAIN Initiative grant - September 30
Inaugural Daniel I.C. Wang Lecture on the Frontiers of Biotechnology was held on September 26.
MIT ChemE retains top undergrad program ranking in USNews - September 9
Bob Langer profiled on Chemical Heritage Foundation's "Scientists You Must Know" video
Michael Strano’s electricity-generating carbon nanotubes get more efficient  - August 28
PBS’s Nova (entertainingly) profiles Paula Hammond’s developments in tattoo vaccines (Watch Video) - August 22
Paula Hammond engineers new bone growth with coated tissue scaffolds - August 18
Paula Hammond and her team develop technology to recycle old batteries into solar cells - August 18
Hadley Sikes develops a new analysis to reveal cancer tumor weaknesses - August 13
Prof. Brad Olsen follows biological clues to better materials - August 4
Prof. Paula Hammond’s advanced thin-film technique could deliver long-lasting medication - August 4
Prof. Brad Olsen explains the difference between "bioinspired" and "biofunctional" materials - July 29
Greg Rutledge to receive 2014 Fiber Society Founder’s Award - July 17
Bernhardt Trout to receive the 2014 AIChE Excellence in Process Development Research Award - July 17
Congratulations to Bazant lab post-doc Peng Bai, recipient of the 2014 ISE Young Author Prize - July 17
Brushett, Hammond, Olsen, Roman and Tisdale labs take on five summer interns - July 9
Alan Hatton and Aly Eltayeb win $40k Clean Energy Grant for carbon capture research - July 4
Paula Hammond to receive 2014 Alpha Chi Sigma Award for Chemical Engineering Research - July 1
Greg Stephanopoulos to receive AIChE’s 2014 Walker Award for Excellence in Contributions to Chemical Engineering Literature - July 1
The Hammond research group advances medicine, layer by layer - July 1
In memoriam: Paul Uche ’13 - June 25
Profs Hammond, Kroll, Langer and Strano are 2014 Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researchers - June 23
Robert Langer receives Kyoto Prize - June 20
The MIT Materials Processing Center profiles Prof. Paula Hammond - June 18
Prof. Richard Braatz receives AIChE’s Computing in Chemical Engineering Award - June 18
Prof. Bob Armstrong contributes to Game Changers, which explores a cheaper, cleaner, and more secure national energy system - June 17
Prof. Cohen and Gareth McKinley ’91 explain how cormorants emerge dry after deep dives - June 16
MITEI profiles Prof. Hatton’s new way to capture CO2 emissions - June 10
Prof. Bazant helps introduce a novel bromine battery: Small-scale demo, large-scale promise - June 10
Congratulations to our 2014 graduates! June 5-6 [Event photos]
Congrats Michelle Teplensky ’14, named Capital One Academic All-American for field hockey - June 3
MIT introduces edX course 10.03x, Making of Biologic Medicines for Patients: Principles of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing - June 3
MITEI profiles recent ChemE graduate Zainab Lasisi ’14 - May 19
Yuriy Roman and Sean Hunt engineer earth-abundant catalysts that mimic platinum in renewable energy technologies - May 16
Tisdale wins student-nominated Institute teaching award - May 15
Congratulations to all the ChemE 2014 award and fellowship winners! - May 12
Profs. Anderson and Langer expand the power of RNA interference - May 11
Paula Hammond’s “one-two punch” nanoparticle cancer treatment works on tumors - May 9
Congratulations to newly tenured associate professors Dan Anderson and Chris Love! - May 5
Profs. Gleason, Langer and Rutledge join MIT nano - April 29
Congratulations to Assistant Professor Kwanghun Chung, 2014 Searle Scholar - April 16
Pat Doyle has developed smartphone -readable microparticles that could crack down on counterfeiting - April 13
Bazant’s new analysis probes charge transfer in porous battery electrodes for the first time - April 3
Karen Gleason named MIT’s new Associate Provost. - Arpil 1
Dan Anderson uses a new gene-editing system to erase a genetic mutation - March 31
Professors Barton, Bazant, Green, Kulik, & Tisdale earned MITEI seed grant awards. - March 27
Michael Strano is developing nanotechnology to create “bionic plants” - March 16
Kristala Prather has been named MacVicar Fellow - March 14
Course X graduate program #1 again in USNews - March 12
Brad Olsen selected as a 2014 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow in Chemistry - February 18
Professor emeritus Howard Brenner passes away at 84 - February 17
Course X senior Michelle Teplensky is a 2014 Gates Cambridge Scholar - February 10
Dan Anderson has designed nanoparticles offering better gene silencing, could help treat liver disease - February 10
Miles Barr PhD ’08 named one of Forbes’s 30 under 30 - Jan. 7

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