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Congratulations to Assistant Professor Kwanghun Chung, 2014 Searle Scholar - April 16
Pat Doyle has developed smartphone -readable microparticles that could crack down on counterfeiting - April 13
Bazant’s new analysis probes charge transfer in porous battery electrodes for the first time - April 3
Karen Gleason named MIT’s new Associate Provost. - Arpil 1
Dan Anderson uses a new gene-editing system to erase a genetic mutation - March 31
Professors Barton, Bazant, Green, Kulik, & Tisdale earned MITEI seed grant awards. - March 27
Michael Strano is developing nanotechnology to create “bionic plants” - March 16
Kristala Prather has been named MacVicar Fellow - March 14
Course X graduate program #1 again in USNews - March 12
Brad Olsen selected as a 2014 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow in Chemistry - February 18
Professor emeritus Howard Brenner passes away at 84 - February 17
Course X senior Michelle Teplensky is a 2014 Gates Cambridge Scholar - February 10
Dan Anderson has designed nanoparticles offering better gene silencing, could help treat liver disease - February 10
Miles Barr PhD ’08 named one of Forbes’s 30 under 30 - Jan. 7

Technology Review highlights Dan Anderson’s work - December 30
Michael Strano's hydrogel tattoo is one of CNN's 10 Ideas of the Year - December 20
Bob Langer receives the 2014 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences - December 13
Kwanghun Chung develops imaging technology to ‘see’ you thinking - December 9
Bob Langer unlocks a new means of growing intestinal stem cells - December 1
The Langer lab designs drug-carrying nanoparticles that can be taken orally - November 27
The Strano Lab creates synthetic antibodies from nanotubes - November 24
Pat Doyle develops self-steering particles that could make lab-on-a-chip devices more efficient - November 12
Kristala Prather turns bacteria into chemical factories - November 6
Michael Strano’s implantable sensor paves way to long-term monitoring - November 3
Yuriy Roman earns Young Investigator Award from the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers - October 23
Paula Hammond’s lab develops one-two punch to knock out aggressive tumors - October 21
Richard Braatz wins the AIChE Drug Substance QbD Award from the Pharmaceutical Discovery, Development and Manufacturing Forum (PD2M) - October 15
Boston Globe profiles Chris Love’s work to create “the ultimate mobile drug lab” for battlefield and clinic use - October 7
Graduate student Mike Stern to receive the AIChE Separations Division Award for his work on CO2 separations - September 25
Karen Gleason's new approach to hydrophobic material could benefit power plants, cooling systems - September 20
Chris Love's Biomanufacturing Research Program receives $10.4 million grant from DARPA - September 18
Boston Business Journal highlights MIT team, led by Chris Love, creating biologic drugs - September 18
Michael Strano and grad students Wonjoon Chio and Zachary Ulissi find that tiny molecules passing through nanotubes can be propelled or slowed depending on their size - September 12
MIT ChemE’s undergrad program is ranked #1 by USNews - September 10
Prof. Bill Green and grad student Amrit Jalan explain low-temperature chemical reaction - September 4
Bob Cohen and colleagues harvest water out of thin air - August 30
Martin Bazant and colleagues have designed a new rechargeable flow battery enabling cheaper, large-scale energy storage - August 16
Michael Strano finds that arrays of carbon nanotubes can detect flaws in drugs and help improve production - August 16
Paula Hammond wins DoD Ovarian Cancer Teal Innovator Award - July 24
Karen Gleason has been elected a fellow of the AIChE - July 22
Prof. Jesse Kroll studies how anthropogenic emissions interact with organic compounds emitted by trees - July 8
Paula Hammond's new research enables high-speed customization of novel nanoparticles for drug delivery and other uses - July 2
Richard Braatz to receive Excellence in Technical Innovation Award from the International Society of Automation (ISA) - June 26
Mike Stern of the Hatton lab develops a new electrochemical system to more efficiently scrub CO2 from emission - June 25
Dan Anderson develops a way to enhance RNA interference - June 23
Yuriy Roman’s new synthesis could make biofuel more appealing for mass production - June 17
Tech Review highlights the Hatton lab’s work on cheaper ways to capture carbon dioxide - June 12
Brad Olsen named Paul M. Cook Career Development Professor - June 6
Novartis – MIT Center for Continuous Manufacturing a Good Example of Model-Predictive Design in Solid-Dosage Manufacturing Processes - June 2
Congrats to Course X grad student Zach Ulissi, captain, and the MIT cycling club on another successful season! - May 30
Paula Hammond to receive the 2013 Charles M.A. Stine Award at the Annual AIChE meeting in November - May 22
Bob Armstrong named new director of the MITEI - May 16
Professor Kristala Prather earns tenure - May 7
Professors Anderson and Langer develop an injectable nanogel to help fight diabetes - May 16
Undergrad Akshar Wunnava and other students meet with British Prime Minister - May 14
Congratulations to all the ChemE 2013 award and fellowship winners! May 13
Will Tisdale earns DoE Early Career Award - May 7
The SunHub team, co-led by graduate student David Borrelli, wins the MIT Clean Energy Prize’s Audience Choice Award - May 7
Greg Stephanopoulos elected as fellow in the American Academy of Microbiology - May 7
Michael Strano Finds the “Molecular Needle in the Haystack” (MIT ILP News) - May 2
Paula Hammond elected fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences - April 24
Michael Strano and colleagues pattern graphene with DNA - April 9
Course X alum Todd Zion PhD ’04 is entrepreneurial success story - April 9
Former Doyle student Dan Pregibon PhD ’08’s startup provides rapid, cost-effective microRNA profiling, beneficial for diagnosing diseases - March 28
Kristala Prather and colleagues use biology to improve chemical synthesis - March 26
“The Catalyst Series: Women in Chemistry” profiles Professor Paula Hammond - March 21
Arup Chakraborty and colleagues offer new way to discover HIV vaccine targets - March 21
MIT Chemical Engineering graduate program ranked #1 for 24th year in a row - March 12
Profs Anderson, Hammond and Langer practice medicine at the nanoscale - March 11
Bob Cohen and colleagues develop a glass coating that could prevent frost buildup - March 5
Foundation Fighting Blindness to honor Bob Langer on April 9, 2013
Greg Stephanopoulos engineers cells for more efficient biofuel production - February 17
Karen Gleason finds a new way to produce a less expensive solar cell - February 13
Bill Green takes chemical reactions digital - February 12
Professors Chakraborty and Love bring new perspective to the fight against HIV - February 8
Professor Emeritus Ed Merrill elected to the NAE - February 7
Greg Stephanopoulos to receive the AAES’s 2013 John Fritz Medal - February 4
Brad Olsen awarded NSF’s Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Grant - February 4
Paula Hammond helps make polymer patch that could offer a better alternative to traditional vaccines - January 27
Professors Jensen and Langer find a way to deliver RNA, proteins and nanoparticles by “squeezing” cells - January 23
First generation college student and Course X senior Eric Trac makes the most of his MIT experience - January 17
Profs Anderson and Langer create a polymer film that can generate electricity from water vapor - January 10
Bob Langer wins Israel’s Wolf Prize in Chemistry - January 2
MIT ChemE welcomes new assistant professor Fikile R. Brushett
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