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U.S.-Iran Relations, 1997-2005, Team Meeting

April 14-21, 2007, Italy

A team meeting of 14 American and Iranian scholars and practitioners convened this week in Italy to initiate and plan a three-year project on U.S.-Iran relations. The project, done in collaboration with MIT's HyperStudio, will explore the period of Mohammed Khatemi's presidency in Iran and ask why improvements in bilateral relations did not occur. "We are undertaking research that can lead to a deeper and more productive understanding between the two countries," says John Tirman, CIS executive director and an organizer of the project. "Innovative engagement with Iran, rather than posing it as an object of hostility or attack, is not only normatively preferable but vastly more interesting as an intellectual endeavor." The project is co-organized with Brown University's Watson Institute for International Studies and George Washington University's National Security Archive, and is funded by a generous contribution by an MIT alumni family.



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