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Presenting moments of everyday life in the city, these photos have a dual goal. First, it aims at complementing the abstract "knowledge" of experts, by presenting the interaction between the human being and the real world, exposing the change stimulated by social practices in everyday life. With photographs of different scenes of Jerusalem, this collection of photos represents the marginal groups in the city - women, children, the elderly. It does not seek to beautify or idealize Jerusalem, but rather to highlight the mundane, repetitive, banal, chaotic elements of the city.

Secondly, by looking at categories such as, "Juxtaposition", "Connection/ Disconnection," "Encounters," "On the Move," and "Waiting," this collection of photos endeavors to avoid the binaries which seem so often deeply entrenched in the conventional thinking about Jerusalem:  East versus West, Palestinians versus Israelis. Therefore, these photos look at forms of exchange or conflicts in mundane situations rather then in the neighborhoods separated by the Wall. In this sense, everyday life is not a visionary perspective but rather promotes an understanding of Jerusalem through its social complexity, which puts crucial questions about citizenship - its values and meanings, on the table.

(Introduction by Tali Hatuka)