The Graduate Consortium in Women's Studies

The GCWS announces our Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 graduate seminars. Seminars are open to students matriculated in graduate programs at our nine member institutions.

Fall 2015 Courses

Fall course application deadline: August 24, 2015

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The Graduate Consortium in Women's Studies

Engaging Feminist Pedagogy and Collaboration

In team-taught, interdisciplinary seminars at the cutting edge of their research questions, faculty and graduate students explore new avenues of inquiry, develop new knowledge, and learn new pedagogical skills.

"Teaching in the Consortium is an opportunity for so much intellectual stimulation. It creates a looser, more collaborative environment and a strong sense of community in the classroom."
- GCWS faculty

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The Graduate Consortium in Women's Studies

Professional Development and Networking

GCWS events include conferences, course development workshops, panels, symposia, and more. All are catered towards the needs and interests of the students and faculty at our member schools and provide skills-building opportunities and discussions that deepen participants' knowledge in their fields.

"I love hearing about new scholarship and new approaches (even literature I have never heard of!) As a doctoral student one tends to get tunnel vision, and opportunities like this help widen the view."
- GCWS conference presenter
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The Graduate Consortium in Women's Studies

Expanded Graduate Education

Courses are designed to foster a dynamic interchange between and among scholars and to provide intellectual stimulation for faculty and students doing work across disciplines. Our initiatives critically address gender, race, class, nation, sexualities, and the practical implications and applications of feminist theory.

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The Graduate Consortium in Women's Studies

Building Intellectual Community

Our courses are designed to break new intellectual ground and to advance the field of Women's and Gender Studies.

"The incredible thing about GCWS courses is the attention to pedagogy, methodology, and feminism not as something studied or a flavor or research, but as a way of living and being a scholar."
- GCWS student
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Feminist Pedagogy in a Digital Age: A Workshop on Teaching with Technology

Please join us for on Thursday, April 30th, 7:30 PM - 9 PM for a workshop on ways to use networked and mobile technologies in the feminist classroom, including an introduction to other digital feminist pedagogy resources through FemTechNetmore »


2015-2016 Graduate Courses

Interested in expanding your access to graduate Women's and Gender Studies education? Apply for a GCWS course and get credit at your home institution. Students in any department and discipline, who are currently matriculated in GCWS member institutions may apply. more »


Mother Board Writing Prize

The winner of the 2014-15 Mother Board Writing Prize has been selected! Congratulations to Elizabeth Polcha, Ph.D. candidate in Englishg and American Literature at Northeastern University for her paper "Fiction as Archival Data: Building a Feminist Transatlantic Genealogy from Zora Neale Hurston to Erna Brodber". more »

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Celebrating Books by GCWS Authors
Wednesday, April 8th, 5:30 - 7:30 PM
Location: The Moore Room, Building 6 Room 321, MIT Campus more »


Mission Statement

The Graduate Consortium in Women's Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology brings together feminist scholars and teachers at nine Boston area institutions devoted to graduate teaching and research in women's studies and to advancing interdisciplinary women's studies scholarship.

Our mission is to advance the field of Women's Studies. For the twenty-first century, Women's Studies needs to develop new scholarship and theory across disciplines and attend to the integration of theory and practice as well as pedagogical innovations. A new Women's Studies agenda must address the shifting global context of women's social and economic lives, the effects of poverty and war, the implications of technology and a deteriorating environment, and the interconnected dynamics of race, class, sex, gender and power across cultures.

In pursuit of this mission, the Graduate Consortium in Women's Studies provides graduate courses, promotes faculty development, builds intellectual community, and offers a model of institutional change.

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The Graduate Consortium in Women's Studies
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 14N-211
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Phone: 617-324-2085


Sex and the Citizen
Harleen Singh
Associate Professor
Literature and
Women's and Gender Studies
Brandeis University
2012-2015 GCWS Board of Directors Representative

Harleen Singh is Associate Professor of Literature and Women's and Gender Studies and Co-Chair of the South Asian Studies Program within the German, Russian, and Asian Languages and Literatures Department at Brandeis University

Her research interests include colonial and postcolonial theory and literature, specifically nineteenth and twentieth century British and South Asian literature, as well as gende rand Women's Studies, Film Studies, and South Asian Studies. Professor Singh's book, The Rani of Jhansi: Gender, History, and Fable in India was published in 2014 by Cambridge University Press, and explores the role of the Indian woman warrior Rani Lakshmi Bai, exploring her evolving role in myth, text, and historial narrative and the related symbolic power of this cultural figure.