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Note: Every systematical order is arbitrary in some way or another. This is why entries may appear in more than one place. The following order generally keeps to that of the `LaTeX Companion'.


References and Manuals

Note: ~/help and ~/info should be completed (several FAQs and guides).
acrotex gentle latex4wp lshort-english lshort-finnish lshort-french lshort-german lshort-italian lshort-japanese lshort-mongolian lshort-polish lshort-portuguese-br lshort-portuguese lshort-russian slovak-lshort lshort-spanish tugboat-toc win95-guide


(La)TeX Distributions:

Note: texlive provides tetex for Unices (including Mac OS X) and fptex for Windows.
Unices: tetex VTeX/Free web2c

DOS: emtex

OS/2: emtex-os2 emTeX/TDS VTeX/Free

Windows: bakoma-fonts bakoma-games bakoma-malvern bakoma emtexgi fptex miktex-axp miktex web2c-win32


Note: ozTeX should be added (~/nonfree/systems/mac/oztex)
cmactex tetex

Misc: amiweb2c

ConTeXt and Omega:

context omega omegabase omegafonts


auctex fourtex ntemacs texshell32 winedt winshell

Drivers, Viewers, and Plugins:

acroread dviwin ghostscript ghostview-mac ps_view windvi xdvi

Alternative Document Classes

Note: These class files provide an alternative to the usual LaTeX article, report, or book classes. There are some alternatives to letter.cls, too. These are used to change document layout in general and they usually provide some special features, as well. You should check the class file documentation first to make shure whether you can use options or commands that are part of the respective package before considering the use of one of the packages listed further below.
jura koma-script memoir nrc ntgclass thesis

Document Structure


Table of Contents:

minitoc multitoc shorttoc titletoc tocbibind tocloft tocvsec2 tubtoc

Changing the Counting of Chapters:

anonchap alphanum koma-script tocvsec2


Footnotes and Endnotes:

ftnright manyfoot nccfoots savefnmark titlefoot yafoot



Enumerating and Listing Items:

ftnright manyfoot nccfoots savefnmark titlefoot yafoot

Verbatim Input and Simulating the Typewriter:

alltt eplain moreverbmoreverb verbatim vrb

Page Layout

Page Margins:

a4 a4wide a5 a5comb geometry typearea vmargin

Page Headings:


Columns and Tables

array Array Maker balance blkarray booktabs caption caption2 ccaption cellular colortab colortbl cuted dcolumn dpfloat easybmat easyeqn easytable eplain Excel-to-LaTeX figcaps fix2col float floatflt fltpage flushend ftcap ftnright gleitobjekte labels LaTable longtable lscape ltablex ltxtable mhequ midfloat multenum multicol multirow multitoc nonfloat nrc parallel photo pstricks refcheck savefnmark shadbox subfigure subfloat supertabular tabls tap threeparttable topcapt warpcol wrapfig xtab yafoot


endfloat float floatfig floatflt here subfigure wrapfig


Note: On font selection also see Postscript support and Creating PDF Documents.

This section also lists packages that make selecting fonts easier.

bakoma-fonts bakoma-malvern cjk-fonts koma-script omegafonts psfonts pslatex psnfss-source psnfss psnfssx

PostScript Support

ghostscript ghostview-mac ps2eps ps_conv ps_view psboxit psfig psfixbb psfont psfonts Il sistema PSfrag psfrag psizzl pslatex psmerge psnfss-source psnfss psnfssx pspicture psrip pssplit pst-optics pstoedit pstotext pstricks psutils

Creating PDF Documents

acrotex ae aeguill hyperref pdfcrop pdfcrypt pdfpages pdfscreen pdfslide pdftex-djgpp pdftex pdftex_oztex pdftricks thumbpdf


TeX to HTML:

latex2html ltoh tex4ht tth-rpm tth-win tth

HTML to TeX:


TeX to Word Processor:

tex2rtf latex2rtf


delimtxt Excel-to-LaTeX psrip pstoedit pstotext xl2latex

Combining Documents

combine pdfpages

Creating Indices and Glossaries

acronym appendix gloss glosstex nomencl


camel eplain germbib jurabib notoccite pybliographer tex2bib tex2ltx tocbibind

Multilingual Support

The babel Package:


Chinese, Japanese, Korean

cjk cjk-fonts ttt




aeguill lettre


Note: ngerman.sty provides support for new German spelling. It replaces german.sty for those who prefer to keep to the new standards. Both are part of german.
brief dinbrief g-brief german germbib germdoc


Note: For typesetting ancient Greek use the babel package with the option polutonikogreek. See The Humanities for more references on the Humanities.
cbgreek greek4cbc greek6cbc kdgreek hyphenation-greek lgreek macgreek mtgreek upgreek


C.D.P. Bundle



`Office' Applications

Writing Letters:

Note: The koma-script bundle provides a letter class of its own called scrlttr2.
akletter brief C.D.P. Bundle dinbrief envlab formlett g-brief lettre

Keeping Lists of Addresses:

Note: The koma-script bundle provides scraddr that goes with the scrlttr2 letter class for using address data in letters.
adrlist delimtxt

Calendars and Date:

advdate calendar kalendar kalender plcalendar termcal

Writing Applications for a Job:

currvita CurVe cv esieecv vita

Business Cards:





Writing Invoices:

advdate dcolumn invoice

Presentations and Overhead Slides:

foilhtml foiltex



a0poster array Array Maker dcolumn easyeqn eplain mhequ refcheck tabls tex2ltx upgreek vector




Computer Science:

listings program texlist

The Humanities:

Note: For typesetting ancient Greek use the babel package with the option polutonikogreek. See Greek for more references to the Greek language.
babel jurabib


alphanum jura jurabib

Including Graphics

caption caption2 <ccaption dpfloat float fltpage floatflt gleitobjekte graphics graphicx MiniPlot nonfloat refcheck rotating shadbox subfigure subfloat topcapt


abc2mtex bakoma-games musicref musictex musixtex songbook



Documenting Games

bakoma-games backgammon cheq cchess chess go

CD and MC Covers

mceinleger.sty provides covers for music cassettes.
cdcover cdlabeler

Developing LaTeX Packages

doc docstrip

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