Second Fridays

This series has concluded but please join us for many other engaging programs!

Past Programs in 2016:

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Medical Grand Rounds @ MIT

Four innovators will present medical problems they are tackling in their labs and you'll be asked to brainstorm potential solutions. Find out how your ideas compare to the specialists'. Are you up to the challenge? Joining us will be Linda Griffith, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Biological Engineering, MIT; Jeffrey Karp, Ph.D., Associal Professor, Brigham and Women's Hospital; David Kolesky, Graduate Student, Lewis Lab, Harvard; Albert Swiston, Ph.D., Technical Staff, MIT Lincoln Laboratory.


Building Community in 140 Characters or Less

Over the past decade, social media has become news anchor, matchmaker, and replaced the water cooler as our gathering area. Increasingly, it is being used to share and connect stories of people who lack access or sufficient influence to traditional media. Join us at the MIT Museum as Sasha Costanza-Chock (Associate Professor of Civic Media and Comparative Media Studies/Writing at MIT), Sands Fish (Data Scientist and Computational Artist at Harvard University/MIT), Jenny Li Fowler (Manager of Social Media Strategy at MIT), and Greg Epstein (Humanist Community Chaplain at Harvard University), share how local issues can turn into national stories through Retweets, Likes and Shares. And, participate in a conversation about the way digital platforms are being used to introduce diverse voices and build communities.


Nautical Night

Join us for an evening of nautically-themed science and engineering! Hear short presentations, get your feet wet with some hands-on nautical activities, meet MIT scientists and learn about their research projects. You won't want to miss this oppor-tuna-ty of a lifetime!

Presentations by Kurt Hasselbalch (Digitizing the Herreshoff Collection), Sampriti Bhattacharyya (Drones for underwater exploration), and Keith Ellenbogen (The intersection of underwater photography and conservation). Hands-on activities by:
  • Knot-tying: Lauren TenCate
  • Wave Energy Generator: Taylor Njaka
  • Underwater Robots: MIT AUV Lab
  • Boat Design: MIT Museum Education Team
  • Nautical Collection Exploration: MIT Museum Hart Nautical Team
  • Proteomics for Diagnosing the Ocean: Noelle Held
  • Satellite Tracking of Fish: Camrin Braun
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