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1999-2005 Course Materials

Fall 2001

Advanced Materials for Micro- and Nano-Systems (AMM&NS)

SMA 5103 | MIT 3.57
Materials Selection, Design & Economics
Instructor: Prof. Clark, Prof. Field, Prof. Kirchain
TA: none

SMA 5104
Fundamentals of Semiconductor Device Physics
Instructor: Prof. Antoniadis, Prof Choi, Prof. Chim
TA: Teo Lee Wee

SMA 5106 | MIT 3.44
SMA - Material Processing for Micro- and Nano- Systems
MIT - Electronic Materials and Thin Film Processing
Instructor: Prof. Thompson, Prof. Antoniadis, Dr. Lahiri
TA: Gan Chee Lip, Hao Yaowu

High Performance Computation for Engineered Systems (HPCES)

SMA 5211 | MIT 6.336J | MIT 16.910J | MIT 2.096J
Introduction to Numerical Simulation
Instructor: Prof. Patera, Prof Peraire, Prof. White
TA: Zhen Hai Zhu, Karin Sigurd, Ong Chin Siong, Low Sok Chay

SMA 5213 | MIT 15.093J | MIT 2.098J
Optimisation Methods
Instructor: Prof. Bertsimas, Prof. Perakis
TA: Romy Nakagawa, Cai Zhi

SMA 5214
Numerical Algorithms on Advanced Computer Architectures
Instructor: Prof. Murali, Prof. Patera
TA: Chong Aik Fong

SMA 5215 | MIT 2.996
Integrated Simulation and Optimisation of Engineered Systems
Instructor: Prof. Freund, Prof. Liu, Prof. Patera, Prof. Tai
TA: Yuri Solodokhov, Karen Veroy

SMA HPCES Distinguished Speakers Series
Instructor: Prof. Peraire
TA: none

Innovation in Manufacturing Systems & Technology (IMST)

SMA 6302 | MIT 2.996
Manufacturing Physics II: Analysis, Design and Control of Automated Equipment
Instructor: Prof. Youcef- Toumi
TA: none

SMA 6304 | MIT 15.968 | MIT 15.969
Manufacturing Systems I: Analytical Methods and Flow Models
Instructor: Prof. Wein, Prof. Gershwin
TA: Khusrow M. Uzair

SMA 6306
Product Design and Development
Instructor: Prof. Tor, Prof. Eppinger
TA: Deng Yimin

SMA 6308 | MIT 2.996
Pro Seminar (Taped)
Instructor: Prof. Hardt
TA: none

Molecular Engineering of Biological and Chemical Systems (MEBCS)

SMA 5411
Molecular Thermodynamics
Instructor: Prof. Hatton, Prof. Tam
TA: none

SMA 5412
Transport and Reaction Processes
Instructor: Prof. Smith, Prof. Wang
TA: none

SMA 5413 | MIT 10.541
Kinetics of Biological and Chemical Systems
Instructor: Prof. Trout, Prof. Stephanopoulos, Prof. Lee
TA: none

Computer Science (CS)

SMA 5502 | MIT 6.035
Computer Language Engineering
Instructor: Prof. Rinard, Prof. Amarasinghe
TA: none

SMA 5503 | MIT 6.046J | MIT 18.410J
Analysis and Design of Algorithms
Instructor: Prof. Leiserson
TA: none

SMA 5504 | MIT 6.034
Artificial Intelligence
Instructor: Prof. Kaelbling
TA: Xi Lin

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