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1999-2005 Course Materials

Fall 2004

Molecular Engineering of Biological and Chemical Systems (MEBCS)

SMA 5411
Molecular Thermodynamics
Instructor: Prof. Hatton, Prof. Tam
TA: Tan Jian Fong, Marco Lattuada, Richard Dizon Abalos

SMA 5412
Transport and Reaction Processes
Instructor: Prof. Smith, Prof Wang
TA: Lee Lai Yeng, Lim Liang Kuang, Leong Fong Yew, Lino A. Gonzalez

SMA 5413 | MIT 10.541
Kinetics of Biological and Chemical Systems
Instructor: Prof. Stephanopoulos, Prof. Trout, Prof. Lee
TA: Pong Boon Kin, Hairong Tang

SMA 5499
General Session

Computer Science (CS)

SMA 5502 | MIT 6.035
Computer Language Engineering
Instructor: Prof. Rinard, Prof. Amarasinghe, Prof. Chin, Prof. Wong

SMA 5503
Analysis and Design of Algorithms
Instructor: Prof. Leiserson, Prof. Lee

SMA 5504 | MIT 6.825
Artificial Intelligence
Instructor: Prof. Kaelbling, Prof. Lozano-Perez, Prof. Leong, Prof. Hsu

SMA 5508 | MIT 6.894
Pervasive Computing
Instructor: Prof. Rudolph, Prof. Cham

SMA 5599
General Session

Innovation in Manufacturing Systems & Technology (IMST) 

SMA 6302 | MIT 2.168
Manufacturing Physics II: Analysis, Design and Control of Automated Equipment
Instructor: Prof. Youcef-Toumi, Prof. Chen
TA: Brian Anthony

SMA 6304 | MIT 2.854
Manufacturing Systems I: Analytical Methods and Flow Models
Instructor: Prof. Gershwin, Prof. Appa Iyer, Prof. Bhatnagar

SMA 6306
Product Design and Development
Instructor: Prof. Tor, Prof. Loh

SMA 6308 | MIT 2.996
Professional Seminar in Manufacturing Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Taped)
Instructor: Prof. Hardt, Prof. Appa Iyer

SMA 6390
IMST Theme Project Dissertation
Instructor: Prof. Sivakumar

SMA 6399
General Session

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