The Fourteenth International Conference on

Time-Resolved Vibrational Spectroscopy  Meredith, NH  May 9-14 2009

TRVS Awardees

The TRVS Organizing Committee regularly presents the TRVS Award to distinguished senior scientists for their contributions to the field of time-resolved vibrational spectroscopy and their long term commitment to our community.  At TRVS XIV, the Committee will present the TRVS award to two eminent senior scientists:

Hiro-o Hamaguchi (University of Tokyo)

…for his work developing time-resolved Raman spectroscopy for studies of fundamental and applied chemistry, and his service to the TRVS community.

Salvatore Califano (University of Florence)

…for his work elucidating the vibrational dynamics of molecular crystals, and his service establishing the European Laser Lab in Florence and to the TRVS community.


Previous recipients of the TRVS award:

Andreas Albrecht (Cornell University)

George Atkinson (University of Arizona)

Mostafa El Sayed (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Robin Hochstrasser (University of Pennsylvania)

Takayoshi Kobahashi (University of Tokyo)

Alfred Laubereau (Technical University of Munich)

Friedrich Siebert (University of Freiburg)

Mitsuo Tasumi (Saitama University)