Lecture Notes on The Mechanics of Elastic Solids

Rohan Abeyaratne

Quentin Berg Professor of Mechanics & Department Head
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Copyright © 1987–2007, Rohan Abeyaratne. All rights reserved.

These notes provide an introduction to the mechanics of elastic solids for beginning graduate students. They may be downloaded without charge.

Volume 1. A Brief Review of Some Mathematical Preliminaries (version 1.0: 2 Dec 2006. Updated 09 Jul 2021)

Volume 2. Continuum Mechanics (version 1.0: 11 May 2012. Updated 4 April 2013, 28 August 2014)

Volume 3. An Introduction to Finite Elasticity (version 1.1: 2012. Updated 22 March 2022, 7 January 2024)

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