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Using headphones in the Athena clusters

We appreciate your cooperation in not disturbing others working in Athena clusters, as stipulated by the Athena Rules of Use:

"... if you use a workstation that has sound capabilities, you are expected to use earphones rather than have the workstation audible to other users in the cluster."

On a Sun workstation:

  1. Plug in the headphones

  2. Start the audio control panel with the command 'audiocontrol &' and switch output to 'Headphone' instead of 'Speaker'. Future sounds should now be played through the headphones. The audio control panel also controls the volume.

On an SGI workstation:

  1. Plug in the headphones

  2. Note that the SGI's auto-switch to headphones when they are plugged in. All other audio controls do the right thing. I.e. the front-panel volume buttons affect headphones or speaker, depending on context.

On a Linux workstation:

See the Dell diagrams page for information (there are currently issues with muting speakers on some models).

General note

Some systems have a headphone jack on the face plate of the CD drive. This works only for CDs and is not the correct headphone jack for most applications. The correct headphone jack is usually on the back panel of the machine or on the left side on some O2's.

Need more help?

For help, contact Athena Consulting (on Athena, type "olc") or see the OLC Stock Answers.
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