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AFMIT began in 2000 with two adoptive parents ~ who travelled within one month of each other to welcome their new little ones to their families.

AFMIT has since grown to include well over 140 families in the greater Boston area. Families have adopted domestically, internationally, transracially, via open adoption, to single parents, older parents, younger parents, and same-sex parents. We have a large and diverse group of families.

An important program for adoptive families at MIT is Big Siblings. Designed for families formed through international adoption, the program pairs international MIT students with adoptive families, matching the adopted child's country of birth with the MIT student's home country. The relationship becomes a mutually beneficial one, where adopted children gain first-hand understanding of their native country's customs and culture, and international MIT students enjoy the warmth and relaxation of a family relationship, as well as an enhanced appreciation for their home.

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