What We Do

African Technology Forum is the premier source of information on science and technology in Africa. We provide practical information to corporations, individuals and institutions in the US, Africa and the rest of the world. We publish a quarterly publication, provide consulting services and networking opportunities for those involved in business and research ventures affecting science and technology in Africa. We also coordinate the Equipment Exchange Program to supply institutions throughout Africa with much needed journals and equipment.

Who We Are

African Technology Forum includes volunteers with backgrounds in Architecture, Engineering, Finance, Journalism, Management Consulting, Management Information Systems, Medical Sciences, and the Sciences. We are professionals, students, faculty and staff affiliated with several colleges and universities in the United States. The organization is based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Funding Sources

Over the past five years, ATF has been funded through subscriptions, advertising, grants and consulting fees.

Our subscribers are corporations, non-governmental organizations, development agencies, universities, professionals, and students in 85 countries around the world.

Grants have been donated by The World Bank, USA for Africa Foundation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New England Biolabs Foundation, volunteers, and individuals.

Consulting clients include the government of Cape Verde, Societé Africaine de Technologie Appropriée et de Developpement (Benin), and the US-Africa Business Council.


  • Out of Town News, Cambridge, MA
  • African Market, Boston, MA
  • LaVerde's Market, Cambridge, MA
  • Scientific Media Services, Nairobi, Kenya
  • ABSC Ghana Ltd., Accra, Ghana
  • Resourcery Ltd, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Conferences (Co-sponsored or presented)

  • Yale University Intercollegiate Conference on Africa, (Democracy, Development, Destiny: Setting the Agenda in Africa), April 1995
  • Springfield College (MA) Conference on US Policy Towards Africa, December 1994
  • National State of the Race Conference, November 1994
  • Harvard African Students Conference, (Making Technology Work in Africa), April 1994
  • Harvard African Students Conference, (Telecommunications in Africa), April 1993
  • Technet 1993 (Sponsored by National Council of Black Engineers)
  • Conference on African Development "Let Africans Speak", MIT, September 1990
  • The Fifth New York City Conference on Computers for Social Change, June 1990
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