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* Preserving the Future for Lake Malawi 
by Joshua Nyambose 
Overfishing activities are depleting the fish stock in Lake Malawi, resulting in major economic and environmental consequencies for the future of the lake and the countries around it. 
* Increasing Computer Literacy in Africa 
by Khaitsa Wasiyo 
Efforts of the  International Development of Computer Education 
(IDEC) established by the Kyoto Computer Gaikun to increase 
computer literacy in several african countries.
* Deforestation in Sub-Saharan Africa 
by Yvonne Agyei 
Deforestation is a serious threat to Forests in Sub-Saharan Africa. This article looks at the problems and some  possible solutions to this threat.
* The Cycle Trailer in Ghana: A Reasonable But Inappropriate Technology 
by Mohammed Salifu 
(This article appeared in Volume 7, Number 3 of ATF) 
* Five Basic Steps to Finance Your Project 
by Michael Sudarkasa 
(This article appeared in Volume 7, Number 3 of ATF) 
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