Volume 7 No. 3

FEATURES - Financing for Small Industries

Five Basic Steps to Finance Your Project
Michael Sudarkasa
It takes a lot more than a good idea to develop a successful manufacturing venture. You need to know where to find the resources, both financial and technological, and you need to find the right people with the right skills to do the job. Knowing the right steps to take can save you precious time and money, and earn you some valuable partners in the process.

So You are Thinking About Starting a Business?
Tunde Fafunwa
Would you like to make lots of money? Are you tired of working for other people? A "yes" to either one of these questions is what motivates most people to start a business. Find out if you have what it takes to be successful leading your own enterprise.

Ex-Im Bank Transforms Image to Attract Smaller Business
Barbara Krasin Kravitz.
Long recognized as a financing resource for cross-border and infrastructure projects, including the Burma Road and the Pan American Highway, as well as post World War II Marshall Plan assistance, the Export-Import Bank of the United States [Ex-Im Bank ] is out to change its image.

Guide to Financing Resources
A resource guide for financing small and medium scale businesses in Africa. Practical information for companies and individuals who are seeking funding for their projects and businesses.

Introduction to Financial Statements
Khaitsa Wasiyo
Since most businesses require external funding, an entrepreneur must successfully convince others of the profitability of his or her idea. The financial viability of a company is laid out in its financial statements the accounting reports that are required by banks and other lending agencies.

The Small Business Environment in Cameroun
Jean-Jacques Mebiame
In today's dynamic economic environment, small businesses must be able to adapt and improve they intend to survive in competitive markets. Cameroun's recent economic difficulties have energized the small business sector and resulted in some exciting new opportunities for education and training.

Informal Savings Collectors in Ghana: Can They Intermediate?
William F. Steel & Ernest Aryeetey
In the marketplaces of West Africa, individual "mobile bankers" help traders and others accumulate savings through small daily deposits. As institutions emerge that link these savings collectors to the formal financial system or adopt their methods, intermediation between small informal savers and borrowers is expected to increase.


Editor's Notes

Small Scale Irrigation : The Answer to Africa's Food Production Problems
Thakurdas Vaishnav
Food production in Sub-Saharan Africa has failed to meet the region's growing population demand, making it one of the most famine-prone regions in the world. Development of a small scale irrigation sector, which has proven successful in India, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka, may be the answer to Africa's food crisis.


Solar Oven Construction Manual
Daniel M. Kammen, Shea Van Boskirk and Monique Nditu With the abundance sunshine in Africa, solar cooking has always been an appealing idea to technologists and environmentalists on the continent. In this special Pull -out section, we present a solar cooker construction manual, an illustrated guide with step-by -step directions to help you build your own solar cooker.

Human Resources

The Cycle Trailer In Ghana :A Reasonable But Inappropriate Technology
Mohammed Salifu
Women in rural areas in Ghana spend a large percentage of their time and effort on transportation because they have few alternatives to the strenuous practice of headloading. The cycle trailer, conceived as an appropriate technology solution to this problem, failed to meet the needs of its intended users.


A Profitable Way to Clean the Environment
Claire Broido
Corporations and governments in Africa are losing out on the chance to finance ozone-reducing projects for their industries through a little-known multilateral fund. hundreds of millions of dollars have been approved for projects in other developing countries, and many opportunities exist for African Nations to participate in the program.


New Technique Could Boost Sheep Production in Africa
R. Squire, J. Greenwood, and L. M. Sanford
Problems of starvation and malnutrition in Africa need not be seen as a curse on the continent. Many of these obstacles can be overcome if nations develop their agricultural capacity with good planning and research.

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US Develops Oil Recycling Plant for C"te d'Ivoire
World Bank Calls For Reforms in Infrastructure
Nigeria's Oldest Library Enters information Age

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