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James Howe

James HOWE

Professor of Anthropology (Emeritus)
Room E53-335C · 617-253-6954


Professor Howe received an A.B. degree from Harvard College (1966), an M.A. from Oxford University (Social Anthropology, 1967) and a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania (Anthropology, 1974). He carries out research in political and historical anthropology, indigenous-state relations, and missionization; his publications include The Kuna Gathering: Contemporary Village Politics in Panama (1986), and A People Who Would Not Kneel: Panama, the United States, and the San Blas Kuna (1998).

Selected Publications

2009 Chiefs, Scribes, and Ethnographers: Kuna Culture from Inside and Out. University of Texas Press.
2008 "Argument is Argument: An Essay on Conceptual Metaphor and Verbal Dispute." Metaphor and Symbol 23:1-23.
2004 Un pueblo que no se arrodillaba: Panama, los Estados Unidos, y los kunas de San Blas. Guatemala: CIRMA & Plumstock Mesoamerican Studies. (translation of Howe 1998)
2002 "The Kuna of Panama: Continuing Threats to Land and Autonomy." In The Politics of Ethnicity: Indigenous Peoples in Latin American Studies, David Maybury-Lewis, ed. Harvard University: David Rockefeller Center Series on Latin American Studies,, pp.81-106.
1998 A People Who Would Not Kneel: Panama, the United States, and the San Blas Kuna. Smithsonian Institution Press.
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