MIT Anthropology Subjects

Core Subjects

21A.00 Introduction to Anthropology: Comparing Human Cultures Jones
21A.01 How Culture Works Paxson

Culture and Identity

21A.101 Identity and Difference (CI-H) staff
21A.102 Ethnic and National Identity (CI-H) staff
21A.103 The Science of Race, Sex, and Gender Helmreich
21A.104/21A.119 Memory, Culture, and Forgetting (U/G) Buyandelger
21A.111 Rethinking the Family, Sex, and Gender Paxson
21A.120 American Dream: Exploring Class in the US Walley
21A.125 Black Matters: Introduction to Black Studies  
21A.130 Introduction to Latin American Studies (CI-H)  
21A.140 Cultures of East Asia Buyandelger
21A.141 Images of Asian Women: Dragon Ladies and Lotus Blossoms Buyandelger
21A.150 Teaching and Learning: Cross-Cultural Perspectives Jones
21A.155 Food, Culture, and Politics Paxson
21A.156 Introduction to Sociology Hannah

Religion and Belief

21A.200 Magic, Science, and Religion Jones
21A.201 The Supernatural in Music, Literature and Culture (CI-H) Shadle
21A.203 Anthropology through Speculative Fiction James

Global Health

21A.300/21A.329 Practicum in Global Health and Development (U/G) James
21A.301 Disease and Health: Culture, Society, and Ethics staff
21A.302 Dilemmas in Biomedical Ethics: Playing God or Doing Good? James
21A.303 The Anthropology of Biology Helmreich
21A.304 Reproductive Politics and Technologies Paxson
21A.306 Culture, Embodiment, and the Senses James
21A.307 Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health and Health Care Hannah
21A.319 History and Anthropology of Medicine and Biology (G) Helmreich

Environment, Development, and Conflict

21A.400 The Stakes of International Development (CI-H) Walley
21A.409 Ethics of Intervention (G) James
21A.410 Environmental Struggles Walley
21A.411/21A.419 People and Other Animals (U/G) Ritvo
21A.415 Energy Decisions, Markets, and Policies Silbey
21A.429 Environmental Conflict and Social Change (G) Walley
21A.439 Food and Power (G) Paxson
21A.442 Violence, Human Rights, and Justice James
21A.445 Slavery and Human Trafficking in the 21st Century Thakor
21A.455 Law and Society Silbey
21A.459 Seminar in Readings on Law and Society (G) Silbey
21A.461 What is Capitalism? (CI-H) Walley

Science, Technology, and Media

21A.500 Technology and Culture Helmreich
21A.501/21A.509 Art, Craft, Science (U/G) Paxson
21A.502 Fun and Games: Cross-Cultural Perspectives Jones
21A.503 Language and Technology (CI-H) Jones
21A.504 Cultures of Computing Helmreich
21A.505 The Anthropology of Sound Helmreich
21A.506 The Business of Politics: A View of Latin America Vidart-Delgado
21A.507/21A.529 Resonance: Sonic Experience, Science, and Art (U/G) Helmreich
21A.550 DV Lab: Documenting Science through Video and New Media Walley
21A.551 Advanced DV Lab: Documenting Science through Video and New Media Walley

Cross-Cultural Dialog and Investigations

21A.801/21A.839 Cross-Cultural Investigations: Technology and Development (U/G) Walley
21A.802 Seminar in Ethnography and Fieldwork Howe
21A.809 Designing Empirical Research in the Social Sciences (G) Silbey
21A.819 Qualitative Research Methods (G) Jones
21A.829 Ethnography (G) Fischer
21A.852 Seminar in Anthropological Theory Staff
21A.859 Social Theory and Analysis (G) Helmreich

Independent Study, Thesis, and Special Subjects

21A.901 Independent Study (Undergrad)  
21A.902 Independent Study (Undergrad)  
21A.929 Independent Study (Grad)  
21A.939 Independent Study (Grad)  
21A.949 Independent Study (Grad)  
21A.THT Pre-thesis Tutorial (Undergrad)  
21A.THU Thesis (Undergrad)  
21A.UR Research (Undergrad)  
21A.URG Research (Grad)  

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