SAAC Members 2008-2009

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Julie Andren '10 Track and Field

Alison Barnard '09 Gymnastics

Steff Brenman '09 Soccer, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse

Ariana Chehrazi '12 Openweight Crew

Lauren Hernley '11 Soccer, Swimming and Diving

Laura Kelly '09 Gymnastics

Tim Lee '11 Volleyball

Sonya Makhni '11 Tennis

Kieran Mclaughlan '11 Fencing

Cathy Melnikow '10 Volleyball

Karina Pikhart '09 Tennis

Richard Prevost '11 Cross Country, Track and Field

Edith Reshef '11 Soccer, Lacrosse

Andrew Sugaya '11 Pistol

Monique Squiers '11 Ice Hockey, Lacrosse

Kristen Whaley '11 Basketball