Super Fan Challenge Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Challenge?
Attend MIT varsity athletic events with your "Super Fan" group of 8-15 friends to collect the most Super Beaver points over the duration of a season.

How Do I Get Super Beaver Points?
Show your Super Fan spirit at the varsity athletic event of the week. Find a SAAC Event Rep and sign in to score Super Beaver Points for your super group. Points will be updated weekly on the SAAC website.

Who is SAAC?
Your Student-Athlete Advisory Committee; devoted to communicating athletes' perspectives, supporting their needs, promoting MIT athletics, and serving our community.

How Do I Sign Up?
Simply visit and click on the SIGN UP NOW icon. Fill in your group members' names, captain's email address, and team name. The fall season Challenge sign-ups begin the Sunday of 2010 Orientation.

What is the Competition Format?
1) Half way through each sporting event, find a SAAC Event Rep to check in. Bring an I.D. to verify your team affiliation.
2) One to two different sporting events each week will collect Super Beaver points.
3) At the end of each season the group with the most Super Beaver points will earn the highly coveted Super Fan Trophy.
4) All playoff and post-season sporting events are worth double points
5) All events will be coupled with themes. Super Fans can earn extra super Beaver points by supporting the theme. Example: A fencing meet themed "Beaver Nation" will give extra points to people wearing/carrying something with a Beaver on it.

Where can I find a schedule of sponsored events?
A schedule Will be emailed to each captain, posted around campus, and uploaded to the SAAC Super Fan Challenge website.

How can I find out how my group is doing?
After each competition, Super Beaver points for all groups will be updated and uploaded onto the SAAC website. Check back frequently to see how you are doing!

What happens if I want to add people to my group?
If you want to add people to your group, either refill the Group Sign Up form (completely and with the same team name), email with your group changes, or let a SAAC member know who is working at a designated competition.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?
Please email if you have any questions or concerns about the Super Fan Challenge.