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Spring 2008

Worthy Master (President) Kevin Vogelsang
Worthy Marshall (Vice President) Chiso Ibegbu
Worthy Chaplain Anthony Teixeira
Worthy Keeper of the Exchequer (Treasurer) Nitin Perumbeti
Assistant Worthy Keeper of the Exchequer Ryan Ballentine
Worthy Scribe (Secretary) Kyle Johnson
Worthy Keeper of the Annals (Historian) Jonathon Smith
Alumni Relations Chair Saahil Mehra, Bryan Hernandez
Worthy Usher (Social Chair) Deron Brown, Daniel Guillen, Kenny Rosche
Worthy Sentinel Tomas Vianna, Daniel Guillen, Matt Greyson
Steward Robert Utz
Athletic Chair Nick Sisler
Scholarship Chair Stewart Park
House Managers Ebbe Strathairn, Dylan Roden
Community Service Chair Sohrab Virk
Public Relations & True Merit Officer Nathan Artz
Rush Chair Dylan Roden
Help Week Chairs Dave Nole, Tomas Vianna
Summer House Manager Dave Nole
Network Administrator Nitin Perumbeti