Martin Z. Bazant (Chemical Engineering and Mathematics)
   Todd Thorsen (Mechanical Engineering)

   Chien-Chih Huang (Applied Math and Mech. Eng.)

   Damian Burch (Applied Mathematics)
   Xiaochuan Yang (Chemical Engineering)

   Armand Ajdari (ESPCI, Paris)
   Todd Squires (UCSB)
   Brian Storey (Olin College)
   Orlin Velev (NC State)

   Mustafa Sabri Kilic (PhD Applied Mathematics 2008)
   John Paul Urbanski (PhD Mechanical Engineering 2008)
   Jeremy A. Levitan (PhD Mechanical Engineering 2005)
   Kevin Chu (PhD Applied Math 2005)
   Yuxing Ben (Postdoc 2004-2005)
   Jakub Kominiarczuk (BS Physics 2007)
   Matt Fishburn, Brian Wheeler, Andrew Jones (UROP)

100 micron/sec ICEO flow around a 25 micron gold post
in a polymer microchannel driven by a 300 Hz 100 V/cm
electric field from an experiment by J. Levitan. (Movie available below.)


We are broadly interested in developing novel methods of manipulating fluids and particles in microdevices using electric and/or magnetic fields. Our focus has been on nonlinear electrokinetics, specifically induced-charge electro-osmosis (ICEO) at metal surfaces and electrode arrays, and the related effect of induced-charge electrophoresis (ICEP) of polarizable colloidal particles. We have also begun to study concentration polarization and other nonlinear electrokinetic phenomena. Our work is grounded in fundamental mathematical theory and involves close coordination with experiments at MIT and elsewhere. At MIT, our main focus is on developing new portable or implantable microfluidic devices, operating at low voltage and low power by nonlinear electrokinetics. We are pursuing various applications in biotechnology, such as implantable drug infusion pumps and portable medical diagnostic devices.



Simulation of 3D ACEO flow around stepped electrodes (by Yuxing Ben). Top: the electric field in phase with the AC forcing at the optimal pumping frequency. Bottom: The time-averaged streamlines showing the "fluid conveyor belt" which allows fast pumping. [Bazant & Ben, Lab on a Chip (2006).]

SEM image of a 3D ACEO pump, consisting of a periodic array of interdigitated stepped gold microelectrodes on a glass substrate (by J.P. Urbanski). Experiments confirm an order of magnitude increase in flow rate versus standard planar ACEO pumps, but also reveal a double-peaked frequency spectrum and flow reversal, not predicted by the standard theory. [Urbanski et al., Applied Physics Letters (2006).] Our latest devices, with theoretically optimized geometries [Burch & Bazant 2008] achieve > mm/sec velocities and 1 % atm pressure in water with only 1 Volt rms without flow reversal, and have been applied to DNA microarrays. [Huang, Bazant, Thorsen 2009]



The slides from these public lectures are available online, subject to the copyright restrictions below.


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