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April 2017. Left (top to bottom): Peng Bai, Ray Smith, Mohammad Mirzadeh, Amir Levy, Fan He, Laura Gilson, Yamini Krishnan; Middle: Zongyu (Joey) Gu, Kameron Conforti, Juhyun Song, Hongbo Zhao, Pedro de Souza; Right: Dimitrios Fraggedakis, Edwin Khoo, Tingtao (Edmond) Zhao, Arash Sayyed, Michael McEldrew, Supratim Das, Martin Bazant Absent: Truong (Wesley) Cai.

Current Members

    Research Scientist

  1. Dan Cogswell

    Senior Postdoc

  2. Mohammad Mirzadeh


  3. Amin Amooie
  4. Tao Gao
  5. Neel Nadkarni
  6. Tingtao Zhao

    Graduate Students

  7. Mohammad Alkhabra (Chemical Engineering)
  8. Supratim Das (Chemical Engineering)
  9. Pedro de Souza (Chemical Engineering)
  10. Surya Effendy (Chemical Engineering)
  11. Dimitrios Fraggedakis (Chemical Engineering)
  12. Amir Levy (Physics)
  13. Michael McEldrew (Chemical Engineering)
  14. Huanhuan Tian (Chemical Engineering)
  15. Hongbo Zhao (Chemical Engineering)

    Visiting Graduate Student

  16. Yu Han (Tsinghua University)

    Undergraduate Students

  17. Rebecca Eisenach
  18. Kaleigh Hunt
  19. Danielle-Joy Rodriguez


  20. Barbara Balkwill


    Ph.D. Students

  1. Jaehyuk Choi. Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, MIT (2005).

  2. Kevin T. Chu Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, MIT (2005).

  3. Jeremy A. Levitan. Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, MIT (2005).

  4. Chris H. Rycroft Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, MIT (2007).

  5. Kenneth N. Kamrin Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, MIT (2008).

  6. Mustafa Sabri Kilic Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, MIT (2008).

  7. Damian Burch Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, MIT (2009).

  8. Todd R. Ferguson, PhD in Chemical Engineering, MIT (2013).

  9. William A. Braff, PhD in Mechanical Engineering, MIT (2013). Co-advisor: Cullen Buie.

  10. Yeqing Fu, PhD in Chemical Engineering, MIT (2014).

  11. Matthew B. Pinson, PhD in Physics, MIT (2014).

  12. Yi Zeng, Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, MIT (2015)

  13. Sven Schlumpberger, Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, MIT (2016)

  14. Raymond B. Smith, Ph.D. in Chemical Engieering, MIT (2017)

  15. Juhyun Song, Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, MIT (2018)

  16. Edwin Sze Lun Khoo, Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, MIT (2019)

  17. Kameron Conforti, Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, MIT (2019)

  18. Fan He , Ph. D. in Chemical Engineering, MIT (2019), Co-advisor: T. Alan Hatton

  19. Tingtao Zhou , Ph. D. in Physics, MIT (2019).

    Research Scientist

  1. Peng Bai (2015-2017, postdoc 2012-2014) Li-ion and Li-metal batteries. Next: Assistant Professor, Washington University, Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering


  1. Arash Sayyah (2016-2018) Electrostatic projection of ceramic grains.
  2. Yossi Cohen (2014-2015) Electrocapillary phenomena in porous media.
  3. Ji-Hyung Han (2012-2015) Shock electrodeposition in porous media.
  4. Elisha Rejovitsky (2014-2015) Mechanics of Li-ion battery nanoparticles.
  5. Jaromir Marek (2014) Desalination.
  6. Matthew Suss (2013-2014) Cyclable membraneless H-Br flow battery. Next: Assistant Professor, Techion, Mechanical Engineering
  7. Venkat Viswanathan (2013-2014) Li-Br-seawater flow battery. Next: Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University, Mechanical Engineering
  8. Antonio Bertei, SOFC modeling.
  9. Sourav Padhy (2013-2014) Electrodeposition.
  10. Daosheng Deng (2010-2014) Shock electrodialysis experiments. Next: Harvard.
  11. Birger Horstmann (2012, coadvised by Y. Shao-Horn) Phase-field modeling of Li-air batteries.
  12. Dan Cogswell. (2010-2012) Phase-field modeling of Li-ion batteries.
  13. Ali Mani. (2011) Nonlinear electrokinetics, desalination shocks. Next: Assistant Professor, Stanford, Mechanical Engineering.
  14. Markus Schmuck. (2009-2011) Homogenization analysis of ion transport in porous media. Next: Imperial College London.
  15. Chien-Chih Huang . (2007-2009) Induced-charge electro-osmosis, microfluidic pumps. MIT Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies. (Co-advised by Prof. T. Thorsen, Mechanical Enginering.)
  16. Jeremy Levitan (2007). Applications of nonlinear electrokinetics in microfluidic devices. Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies.
  17. Gogi Singh (2006-2007). Modeling lithium rechargeable batteries. Center for Materials Science and Engineering (IRG IV).
  18. Yuxing Ben (2004-2005). Simulation and design of ICEO-based microfluidic devices.

    Visiting Graduate Students

  1. Aymar de Lichtervelde, MS Wageningen, Netherlands, 2018.
  2. Dennis Cardoen, PhD student, Univ. of Ghent, Belgium, 2015
  3. Niek de Klerk, PhD student, TU Delft 2015
  4. Mirella Simoes Santos, PhD student. Univ. Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2014-2016
  5. Alexandros Vasileiadis, PhD student, TU Delft 2015
  6. Christoffer Nielsen, Tech. Univ. Denmark. Electrodeposition simulation, 2014.
  7. Moses Ender, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Battery modeling 2013.
  8. Ianis Bernard, U Rennes, ICEO modeling.
  9. Mathias Andersen. student from Technical University of Denmark. Desalination simulation. 2011.
  10. Costas Anastassiou. Imperial College Department of Bioengineering. summer 2006, Theory of electrochemical sensors.
  11. Peng Bai. Tsinghua Univ., automotive engineering. Li-ion battery modeling. 2009-2011
  12. Raul Rica. Univ. de Granada, Spain, physics dept. 2009. Electrodiffusiophoresis.
    Visiting Postdocs

  1. Inge Bellemans, University of Ghent, Belgium, 2018. Corrosion modeling.
    Visiting Faculty

  1. Armand Ajdari. ESPCI, Paris, France. 2005-2006.
  2. Henrik Bruus. Technical University of Denmark, Microtechnology. Fall 2010.
  3. Evgeny Demekhin. Kuban State Univ., Russia. Fall 2010.
  4. Arshad Kudrolli. Clark University, Physics. 2003-2007.
  5. Brian Storey. Olin College, Mechanical Engineering. 2006-2007.
  6. Boris Zaltzman. Ben-Gurion University, Israel, Applied Mathematics, 2009-2010.
  7. Isaak Rubinstein. Ben-Gurion University, Israel, 2013-2014.
  8. Alexei Kornyshev. Imperial College London, Chemistry. Summer 2017.

    M.S. Students

  1. Ken Gosier . M.S. in Financial Mathematics, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University (2002). Thesis: Generalized Black-Scholes models for pricing and hedging options with residual risk.
  2. Young Han Lee. M.S. in Applied Mathematics, MIT (2002). Thesis: Noise detection in financial correlation matrices.

    B.S. Students
  1. Nancy Lu (2014-2016) Desalination experiments.
  2. Joseph Atnafu. (2010) Desalination experiments.
  3. Ben Derrett. Cambridge-MIT exchange student. Li-ion battery modeling. (2009-2010)
  4. Matt Fishburn B. S. in Electrical Engineering, MIT (2007). Advanced Undergraduate Project: Electronics for control of portable electrokinetic microfluidic devices.
  5. Jakub Kominiarcz B. S. in Physics, MIT (2007). Senior thesis: Numerical simulations of AC electro-osmotic pumps.
  6. Camilo Guaqueta. B. S. in Materials Science, MIT (2003) Thesis: Computer simulations of a stochastic model for granular drainage.
  7. Mani Mahjouri. B.S. in Mathematics and Economics, MIT (2000). Thesis: Pricing risky derivative securities.

    Research Assistants

  1. Laura Gilson Membraneless flow batteries. MIT PhD stduent in Mechanical Engineering), co-advised by Cullen Buie, 2014-2018.
  2. Yamini Krishnan. Theory of mixed ion electron transfer, MIT PhD student, Chemical Engineering 2014-2015.
  3. Carlos Sauer. Theory of reverse osmosis, MIT PhD student in Mathematics, 2012-2015.
  4. Wassim Aouad. Desalination experiments, intern from Ecole Polytechnique, Montreal 2012.
  5. Michael Hess. Undergraduate intern, from Magdeburg, Germany, spring/summer 2009. Modeling lithium intercalation in graphite.
  6. Hoyin Au. Undergraduate intern, from Bunker Hill Community College, summer 2009. Modeling Li-ion battery composite electrodes.
  7. Brian Wheeler UROP 2007. Applications of ACEO pumps.
  8. Kapil Subramanian Undergraduate intern, summer 2007, from Indian Institute of Technology. ACEO experiments (with T. Thorsen).
  9. Andrew Jones UROP spring 2007. ACEO experiments (with T. Thorsen).
  10. Jeremie Palacci. Undergraduate intern, summer 2005. Visiting from Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon. Thesis: Spot-model simulations of periodic systems.
  11. Serginio Sylvain. UROP, Dry Fluids Lab, 2005.
  12. Ken Weaver. Undergraduate intern in the MIT Materials Processing Center, summer 2002. Simulations of granular drainage.

Photo Album

Bazant Research Group, May 2013. Front: Ji-Hyung Han, MZB, Edwin Khoo, Ray Smith, Daosheng Deng, Yeqing Fu. Back: Sourav Padhy, Yi Zeng, Barbara Balkwill, Sven Schlumpberger, Evan Piephoff, Matt Suss, Todd Ferguson, Will Braff, Dan Cogswell. Absent: Matthew Pinson, Juhyun Song, Ianis Bernard.

Bazant Research Group, May 2011. Front: Linda Mousseau, Yeqing Fu, Daosheng Deng. Back: Dan Cogswell, Todd Ferguson, Sven Schlumpberger, MZB, Juhyun Song, Ali Mani, Will Braff Absent: Matthew Pinson.

Bazant Research Group, August 2010. Front: Daosheng Deng, Linda Mousseau, Yeqing Fu; Back: Mathias Andersen, Xiaochuan Yang, Matthew Pinson, Ben Derrett, Todd Ferguson, Martin Bazant, Peng Bai, Henrik Bruus. Absent: Boris Zaltzman, Dan Cogswell, Markus Schmuck, Joseph Atnafu.

Group dinner, June 26, 2007: Gogi Singh, Yee Lok Wong, Ken Kamrin, MZB, Chris Rycroft, Kapil Subramanian
The group, led by Dr. Rycroft, dancing to soul music on the Blues Barge.

Graduate student lunch, October 2006.

Kenny Karmin, MZB, Sabri Kilic, Damian Burch, and Chris Rycroft.

Candlelin bowling, June 2005 (clockwise from top left):
Jean-Christophe Nave, Jeremy Levitan, Jeremie Palacci, Kevin Chu, Ken Karmin, Yuxing Ben, Jaehyuk Choi, Chris Rycroft, and MZB.
Group dinner, Dec. 2003 (clockwise from center left):
Kevin Chu, Jeremy Levitan, Chris Rycroft, Jaehyuk Choi, Ruben Rosales, Dionisios Margetis, and MZB.

Ken and Chris disco dancing ("shootin' the floor") 2007.

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