Boris Paskalev is into his second season with the MIT Engineers, after an ACL surgery on his left knee and one year of rehabilitation he joined the MIT team in 2001.

Boris came to MIT from Sofia, Bulgaria (a European country, part of the Balkans). He started playing basketball as an 8th grader with The National High School of Mathematics and Sciences in Sofia. At the same time he started playing for the youth team of the Basketball Club "Salvia-Sofia". There, coached by Julian Aladjov, Boris was introduced to the first division of the Bulgarian Men's Basketball championship, while leading his youth-team to The National Finals three years in a row. Julian Aladjov had the greatest influence in Boris' athletic career. Boris also competed and won numerous Street-Basketball Tournaments in Bulgaria. Boris was chosen to be in the Bulgarian National Youth team in 1998 and 1999, and he competed in various international competitions till his first year in MIT (September 1999). Most of his Bulgarian teammates are currently competing in various levels of the NCAA in Boston College, University of Main, Casper College, Western Kentucky University, University of Louisville, and Florida International University.

Boris was born January 03, 1980, son of Ivan Paskalev and Margita Paskaleva. He has an older brother. Boris is majoring in Computer Sciences and Management. His current basketball ambitions are to overcome his ACL injury (J same as last year), recover and enhance his basketball skills. He hopes (even more than ever) to graduate MIT with a Masters Degree and find a challenging career opportunity.

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