Effect of lesions in visual cortical area V4 on the recognition of transformed objects.

Schiller PH
Nature, 1995 Jul, 376:6538, 342-4.

The primate visual system has a remarkable capability for recognizing objects irrespective of the multitude of images they form on the retinal surface by virtue of changes in size, perspective, contrast, colour and partial obstruction by other stimuli in the visual scene. There is increasing evidence that this remarkable capacity is brought about by processes that occur earlier in the visual system than had previously been thought. Here I show that after ablation of area V4 in the rhesus monkey, major deficits arise in the recognition of objects that have been transformed in size, in the degree of occlusion, and in the amount of contour information provided. The ability to detect these objects when presented individually was unaffected by these lesions.

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