Functional specificity of lateral geniculate nucleus laminae of the rhesus monkey.

Schiller PH; Malpeli JG
Journal of Neurophysiology, 1978 May, 41:3, 788-97.

1. This study investigated the functional specificity of the lateral geniculate mucleus (LGN) of the rhesus monkey using microelectrode-recording techniques.
2. The parvocellular laminae of the LGN receive input predominantly from medium-conduction-velocity optic tract fibers, while the magnocellular laminae receive fast-conducting axons from the retina.
3. Cells projecting from the parvocellular layers to area 17 have medium-conduction velocities, while those from the magnocellular layers are fast conducting.
4. The majority of cells in the parvocellular layers have a concentric color-opponent receptive-field organization. The receptive fields of magnocellular layers cells are also concentrically organized, but their center-surround organization is independent of wavelength.
5. Responses in the parvocellular layers are more sustained than in the magnocellular layers.
6. Cells in the dorsal pair of parvocellular layers are predominantly on-center. In the ventral pair of parvocellular layers, most cells are off-center.
7. Blue-selective cells are found predominantly in the ventral pair of parvocellular layers. All of these found gave on-responses to blue stimuli.

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