Lack of blue OFF-center cells in the visual system of the monkey

Malpeli JG; Schiller PH
Brain Research, 1978 Feb, 141:2, 385-9.

This report concerns the nature of blue-selective responses of retinal ganglion cells and cells of the lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN) in the rhesus macaque. Cells with concentrically organized receptive fields have been classified along 2 dimensions: the preferred sign of contrast of the center (whether it is excited by light increment or light decrement) and the wavelength specificity of the center and the surround. Those cells for which center and surround respond selectively to different portions of the visual spectrum have been called color-opponent, while those for which center and surround have similar and relatively unselective wavelength sensitivities have been called broad-band. Results we have obtained in the Macaca mulatta retina and LGN suggest an extreme asymmetry in the proportions of ON-center and OFF-center cells that are selective for blue stimuli: almost all are ON-center.

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