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The BUMP for Mentors:
Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Scientists

As a UROP Mentor you will:

However, you may not be sure how to:

The BUMP can help you mentor a student effectively!


General Information

Recognition for mentors

As a UROP mentor, you will put considerable effort into supervising a UROP student. For this, the Biology Department thanks you, and recognizes your efforts.

Training and registration for BUMP mentors top

Other BUMP mentor events

BUMP social events will allow you to meet other mentors, and establish useful contacts. These will include a discussion on a topic of interest to you, for example:
Career paths
Ethics in research
Strategies for choosing a research project

Email us to suggest topics you would like to discuss or events you would like to happen!



Q and A:

Please note that many questions UROP students may have are on the “For Undergraduates” page of this website, and you should encourage students to read these.

1. How do I become a UROP Mentor? top

2. How do I choose a UROP student?

3. What makes a good UROP project? top

4. What can I expect of a student?

5. What is my role in supervising a UROP student?top

6. How can I optimize the effectiveness of a UROP student?

7.  How independently should a UROP student work? top

8.  What should I know about the difference between UROP for pay or credit, project lab and 7.18 (UROP for project lab)?

9.  What should I do if a student does not work the hours he/she has signed up for? top

10.  My student does not seem to understand the project. What should I do?

11. My student does not seem able to perform the necessary techniques. What should I do?

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