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The BUMP for UROP Students

Welcome to research in the Biology Department!
As a UROP student, you can:

However, you might not be sure how to:

The BUMP can help you get the most out of your UROP!



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Q & A


1. Is UROP right for me?

2. When should I look for a UROP?

3. How many UROPs should I do?

4. How do I find a UROP?top

5. Should I look for a UROP only in the Biology Department?

6. How do I choose the right lab?top

7. What is the difference between UROP for credit and UROP for pay?

8. What paperwork do I need to fill out? top

9. What is the difference between traditional project labs and 7.18 (UROP for project lab)?

10. How do I decide whether to do traditional project lab or 7.18?

11. How much time should I spend on my UROP? top

12. Who will supervise my research?

13. What should I expect of my Faculty advisor? top

14. What expectations will my Faculty advisor have of me?

15. What expectations should I have of a graduate student or postdoc mentor?

16. How do I successfully perform research?

17. Will I get my name on a publication?

18. How do I keep research records? top

19. How do I present a research talk or lab meeting?

20. I don’t understand the research project. What should I do?top

21. My experiments are not working. I can’t seem to perform the necessary techniques. What should I do?

22. I am not enjoying my UROP. What should I do?

23. Final thoughts

Want more answers? Email us with questions!top