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Letter to the Editor

Hi BMES Exec Members,

    Thanks so much for your time [in hosting my visit to the MIT BE Department]. Your advice and answers to my questions were very helpful. I have learned a lot about MIT's engineering program and the new BE department, and now want to attend even more! I got to know more about the various majors and minors and the options available in the ChemE and BE areas - especially the differences between BioE, BE, and BME!

    Christina [Feng, VP of Campus Relations] was very helpful in coordinating the meetings and working around everyone's schedules. Speaking with Prof. [Natalie] Kuldell and getting to see her lab was amazing, too; she was very helpful in explaining the new BE major and got me very interested in her work and the department. I was really excited to be talking to a MIT Professor!

Thanks again,
Ankita Mishra
Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart
Bellevue, WA

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