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BE-BMES Recognized as New Name

By By Judy Yeh ’05, Student Advisor

    The MIT Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) has adopted a new name—Biological Engineering-Biomedical Engineering Society (BE-BMES), as approved by the Association of Student Activities (ASA) last month. The name change serves to better reflect the society’s intimate with the Biological Engineering Division and the Biological Engineering major.

    “The BE-BMES organization has for a number of years now done an extraordinary job of fostering the aspirations of MIT undergraduates interested in biological engineering and biomedical engineering, ” said Professor Douglas Lauffenburger, Director of the Biological Engineering Division. “The name change to BE-BMES appropriately recognizes these vital contributions to our student community, and is absolutely required in order that students in the Biological Engineering SB Major and Biomedical Engineering SB Minor programs be able to easily find and identify with this organization.”

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