Out To Sea

Part 5: Another Ill-Fated Boat Trip

Sunday, March 23, 1930
Gerti and Peter attempt to convince Tommy to charge off to Innsmouth to rescue Dr. Schreber. Tommy, who called him last run, reports that he's all right, really. Roderick finally returns from his rescue mission and goes to bed. Peter wants to know if Tommy has a spare gun.
"Exactly *who* do we want to shoot?" - Tommy
"Everyone who goes to the Esoteric Order of Dagon." - Gerti
"Until Eddie wakes up and reasons with you, I'm not giving you a gun." - Tommy, to Peter
Some discussion about the next plan of action ensues. Perhaps the thing to do is take the boat to Canada and back, and see what happens. Peter considers smuggling his camera on board, finding it implausible that the Mafia would appreciate a reporter with a camera.
" `I'm not here to blow your illegal smuggling operation, I just want pictures of demonic fish-men' - I don't think so!" - Peter
Eddie wakes up, and gives Peter a gun. "Don't shoot the party," he cautions. "Why? It seems to be all the rage!" Peter wonders whether they really know that the fish-men are demonic, rather than just, well, creepy. Gerti thinks that the group should drop depth charges on Devil's Reef. Or maybe grenades, from Tommy's airplane. Eddie manages to locate the Coxes (Martin Cox was a witness at the inheritance) in California, but it's unclear whether they can answer any of the questions that the group cares about. Tommy takes Peter to a shooting range to practice; Peter shoots several bulls-eyes and declares that this gun stuff is no problem.

Gerti tries valiantly to herd the party into some semblance of order. What names can they give the Mafia? Hetta. The guy who gave them the gin. The four suspicious Innsmouth crewmen. Will stopping the smuggling be sufficient, or do they want names too? They want both. A letter gets sent to the Coxes saying that Peter will call on Sunday. Tommy and Peter fly to Innsmouth, and buzz Devil's Reef. Tommy flies upside down over the reef, and Peter gets some good pictures, including what maybe possibly are of some fuzzy dark shapes that could be sharks and humanoids, under water.

Monday, March 24, 1930
Peter and Tommy head off on the Bon Vivant to Canada. Esme provides them with a bunch of seasickness remedies and herbal teas. Roderick sees them off, looking particularly gaunt and morbid. They arrange to bunk in the same room, with one person always awake. Gerti finally gets hold of Dr. Schreber, and asks about seasickness. He's not pleased, and eventually calls Eddie to confer and say he really can't help. Peter discovers that Jasper Rush speaks Creole. Roderick and Gerti and Esme try and figure out various sorts of protections that the two boat travellers should use.

Wednesday, March 26, 1930
The Bon Vivant arrives in Canada, and Tommy and Peter call home. Peter briefly denies any knowledge of Tommy, but caves in after Eddie starts glaring over the phone. Roderick suggests that a knife which has been used to kill a shark in the water is good against were-sharks, as are tattoos or emblems of an octopus. Esme suggests using wormwood to dull their occult senses and be less susceptible to any supernatural seasickness, but Roderick points out that this will also dull all their other senses. Shopping in Canada, Tommy acquires a totem pole which has an octopus, and some general lucky paraphernalia, including a dried squid, I think... Peter buys more ammunition for everyone's guns.

Thursday, March 27, 1930
Thursday night, Gerti, Esme, and Charlie go to the coast south of Innsmouth, where they can barely see Devil's Reef. Dr. Schreber tries to be unhelpful, and doesn't want to come keep them company. Esme brings wormwood, and Roderick sketches an octopus in henna on his arm.

On the boat, Tommy lashes himself to the deck, and Peter hangs out nearby. They begin to feel seasick, and pass out (having forgotten that Roderick originally pointed out that the nausea-inducing miasma was worse on deck than in the smuggler's hold...).

Some time later, Peter awakes groggily as he's being dragged across the deck. Torn between going for his gun and his camera, as he quickly nears the side of the boat, he goes for his camera (everyone else groans), and snaps a picture of whatever is dragging him. A scuffle ensues between Peter and Barrett (his captor - alas, not a demonic fish-man), and the camera is flung towards the railing. Peter grabs after it, and nearly falls overboard catching it. Barrett, trying to kick Peter, also nearly falls overboard. Max, the other Innsmouth crewman on deck, goes for a gaff, and starts hitting Peter with it. Somewhere in the confusion, Barrett falls overboard. Peter flashes Max with the camera flashbulb as ribs crack, and then Max is hit from behind with a flying logbook. After a long while of nauseated sleep, Tommy is finally awoken by Peter's screams, and shoots Max. The captain (the one who hit Max with the logbook) also attempts to shoot Max with the flare gun, but misses.

As Tommy rescues Peter and the camera from the edge of the deck, Captain Fleetwell covers Max with the flare gun. Tommy attempts to tape Peter up, but isn't very effective. Another flare goes off, as Max jumps overboard. The captain attempts first aid on Peter as well, but is even more inept than Tommy, and Peter passes out completely. In response to the flares, the Coast Guard shows up. The captain explains about a fight on deck, with the perpetrators jumping/falling overboard. The Coast Guard takes Tommy and Peter to get Peter to the hospital in Salem; three remain on the Bon Vivant.

The group on the coast sees some amount of shooting and flares going off, and then spots the Coast Guard vessel. Esme thinks it'll be based out of Salem, so the group heads there, but doesn't see anything untoward going on, and so heads home.

Friday, March 28, 1930
The boat comes in. The normal cargo is unloaded (as are the Coast Guard officers). The panel truck arrives, but the contraband is gone. The captain and crew all tell basically the same story. Gerti overhears a conversation between Sutter and some other crewmen: "You gonna try it?" "Nah."

Charlie reports to the Family. He names Max and Barrett, plus the other two suspicious Innsmouthians and Sutter as possible confederates, and Hetta as the mastermind, all not to be thumped yet.

"Maybe Hetta doesn't know anything about the boat trip yet." - Eddie
"What *are* you thinking?" - Gerti
Surprisingly enough, the cargo does *not* go missing on the next boat trip. The Mafia is pleased (though they clearly intend to do some more interrogating of people).
"That means I gotta marry Gerti now." - Charlie

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