Out To Sea

Part 6: Loose Ends and Tommy Guns

Wednesday, April 2, 1930
Four Ficorelli Family members show up in Innsmouth, and demand to see Hetta. They are let into the house. Shouting is heard, and they leave after about half an hour. As they are leaving the house, they encounter George, and (accounts are confused) deem it appropriate to mow him down with their tommy guns before leaving. His body is carried to Dr. Schreber's house, but the doctor says there's nothing to be done for him.

Friday, April 4
Roderick has a terrible premonition that no one should be sleeping alone. He calls everyone and insists that they all come to Lowell to stay with the Valiants. Charlie is highly dubious that this is necessary, but Gerti drags him. Dr. Schreber is also ousted from Innsmouth and summoned to Lowell. Dr. Schreber dispenses stimulants to everyone who wants them, which includes Charlie (of course) as well as Roderick and Tommy. Watches are set. At about two in the morning, Peter sleepwalks to the bathroom and begins running the tub. The awake people (Tommy, Roderick, Eddie, and Charlie) also head to the bathroom to make him stop. However, Charlie begins to think that the bathtub would be just the place for a fish like him. Charlie and Peter have a brief shoving match over the tub, and Peter retreats to try and run water in the sink. Eddie keeps pulling out the plugs, and eventually Peter and Charlie are snapped out of their fishlike states. Roderick comments that Peter, Charlie, and Tommy all seem to be affected, Charlie most strongly.

The next morning, Charlie hears that the four Ficorelli Family Men who were in Innsmouth have been found drowned in their bathtubs. Dr. Schreber, fearing the worst, stays in Arkham for the weekend.

Monday, April 7
Another party of six Family Men heads to Innsmouth. Hetta's stairs collapse under the weight of the first few up the stairs, impaling various fellows on rotting wood. No one appears to be home at the house. At first, the Innsmouth natives deny any knowledge of any doctors, but after several are beaten, they point to Dr. Schreber's house, where the wounded are shortly thereafter dragged. One man has already bled to death from a severed thigh artery; Dr. Schreber binds up the rest. The wounds are nasty and likely to suppurate. The Family men take their leave, and the native guide stays to fill Dr. Schreber in on what happened. Tea is had by all.

Tuesday, April 8
Hetta's house explodes. The building is believed unoccupied at the time.

Wednesday, April 9
Eight more Family members, including Charlie's Mister Ficorelli, are found drowned. Three are in bathtubs; the rest are in smaller pieces of water like sinks and toilets. All appear to be self-inflicted.

Thursday, April 10
More Family members show up in Innsmouth. There is an explosion near the Esoteric Order of Dagon, and moments later there is a louder rumbling explosion overhead as the skies open up in a torrential thunderstorm for three hours. None of the Family members, nor their cars, are ever seen again.

Sunday, April 13
About fifteen more Family members are found in the harbor.

April 16-28
The Giotti family begins to sense that the Ficorelli family is not at its strongest, and the streets of Boston begin to resemble Chicago as the other family makes a play for the town. Lots more Ficorellis die, as do some Giottis. Tommy-gunning is principally confined to Mafia buildings, but is fairly fierce. In the end, Boston is in the hands of the Giottis, the Bon Vivant is no longer a smuggling boat, and Charlie, as a not-quite-in-the-Mafia guy, becomes a not-in-the-Mafia-guy.

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