January Sook
Sook Mark I took a consulting gig with Dr. Kye's archaeological expedition, that led to becoming crew of the Hippocrates. Her origins as part of the mysterious shapeshifting group mind called the Hive came out eventually, when the Hive decided that the crew of the Hippocrates was their best chance at surviving the Flames. Sook Mark I vanished into space-time for three months after the rescue of the Blue Hegemon, and then died on the Well, sacrificing herself to allow her teammates to escape a nuclear explosion. In the meantime, though, Sook Mark II had been recreated by the Hive...
OmniNet's chief computer scientist once Sook left, Phaeton would rather be hacking, except that that doesn't have enough of a paycheck. A thrash-metal fan with a wireless antenna built into his fiber-optic mohawk and a wardrobe of black leather, Phaeton also has the tendency to refer to himself in the third person.

Dr. Julian Gallagher
Dr. Gallagher has the unenviable position of keeping the OmniNet group organized, funded, and working. A general scientist with a good grounding in physics and computer science, he doesn't have the time to do his own experiments now as much as he'd like. And the war isn't helping...
Scooter Norfolk
Omninet's perpetual intern and Phaeton's perpetual target, Scooter was instrumental in discovering the serial-criminal R4X0R and stopping him before he got to Murder.

Estelle DuBaars
Scooter's girlfriend. Or maybe his Secret Master. She works for the military, as part of Scooter's liason between OmniNet and the military, and seems to have Scooter wrapped around her little finger. Phaeton thinks she's really a succubus.
Another Hippocratic Oath regular before his transfer. Wilson's been Sook's straight man for years. His wife, Penelope, lives on Riden and Wilson mostly lives everywhere but Riden. Wilson stayed behind on Gateway when the party left Sook's cockle-of-the-heart in the fountain, and was somewhat nonplussed to discover that she was alive and living on Tinara before that.

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