On 2779.279, two things things of note happened. A bomb exploded on Sanctuary, New Light, killing the Blue Hegemon and much of the Blue government, and the crew of the Hippocrates vanished into the swirling mists of space-time, not to be heard from again for three and a half months.

During that time, the Hive created a new drone, replacing their only previous lead for how to avert or survive the Flames: a second January Sook.

This is her story.

H4X0RZ is the "spinoff" series, an email run for Marleigh since she's exiled to Atlanta. Oath players are welcome to read the page, but should not assume that they know about this new Sook or her adventures until they find out in character.

Parent series: Hippocratic Oath

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Pre-Flames Checklist

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Sook's 'blog
(More accurately, the sort of 'blog that Sook would keep were she not
far too paranoid to actually commit such a thing to permanent storage.)

mood: overclocked

I have successfully uploaded myself onto a blank AI. It's sort of... mushy. Sort of like merging with Hive at the very beginning of the process when you're just starting to lose your identity, except instead of it being happy and warm, it's all creepy. Like I'm going to accidentally get some Phaeton in me. Ick.

Phaeton's acting like a baka. If he touches the processor I'm thinking with one more time I'm going to cut off his cache. See how he likes that, making all of his register queries from SCSI. Nero's working on calming him down.

It's really odd, not having complete control over your own body. I mean, if something busted, I'd be broken! Like, really broken, and have to rely on someone else to fix me! In my case, I have a me who can do that for me, but what about Nero and H? All this time, they've been so totally dependent on us to keep them in good working order. That's an insane amount of trust. Looking at it from this side, I'm just surprised more AIs don't go crazy and rebel.

You know, it's a property of Hive that we take on the psychological characteristics of our shapes. I wonder what comes with AIs?

That does it! We totally agreed that on processor 4, I have cycle%3==2 and Phaeton has cycle%3==1 I am kicking him off the bus.

mood: confused

I just got a package in the mail today. It's from Thorssen. It says:

>"2780.091 - est J's task complete by week end.  W to remain behind; can
>contact OmNt, his discretion.  Q: data lost w/ hedgehog?  Worth trying
>to retrieve?  Any news fr home?  Jr getting bigger."
It also has a very nice video of a nuclear explosion. Way cool. I wonder why Thorssen was nuking the Well? Knowing the Well, it was probably required.

Hey wait! Maybe that was the task she's talking about! "J" is Therive, and he's finally decided to destroy the Well. Except why is Wilson staying behind then? And why did she lose the hedgehog?

I guess this means they're not all dead, just crazy. As usual.

It also sounds like the first instantiation of Sook isn't toast, or she wouldn't be sending us mail. I'll have to check into that. Having two of us show up at work would suck. Though I'd love to see the look on the Zampolit's face.

I'd better go sync. Maybe v 1.0 checked in.

mood: maudlin human

It is now 4:43 PM, and I have existed for seven minutes.
Or for four years.
Or for an eternity.
It's all a matter of lexical scope.

If Ace were here, he'd probably call me February Sook. It's not accurate, but that's never stopped him before. He's a baka that way. If he were here, he'd say that, and I'd tell him he was a moron and that I'm the same Sook I always was, and don't call me by my first name anyway. And he'd grin and apologize but not mean it, and I'd know he didn't mean it and glare at him, and then we'd go play Lords of Destruction or something.


I'm another instance of January Sook. I've inherited all of the memories of the previous instance, up until her last report before she went missing. Before everyone went missing. They're probably all dead. They probably died saving oppressed mutant puppies or something. No common sense, any of them, and did they ever listen to me? No. That's probably why they're dead. I probably told them the safe thing, and they ignored me and risked all the resources/people needed to save the universe in something stupid, and now we're all going to die because they won't be able to save everyone, and they don't have off-site backups because they're stupid fragile humans, and I don't know how to save everyone without them. They totally suck.

I wonder if there's a back-up copy of H somewhere. Then at least I wouldn't be sitting here by myself, typing into a scratch buffer that I'm never going to save.

That's enough human sentimentality. No one's left to save the world but me, and the only way I can think of to do it is to hide in jumpspace, and for that I need Omninet. Though there's the AI slough off your meat option too, but that probably takes Omninet too. I should get to work and tell Gallagher that I lost the laptop.

But first, to get take out panasian. My MSG count is low.