Eva's Theories about Red, Blue, and Green

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Red Blue Green
"Hegemon" Jayla [1] Donella [2] Katya [3]
Bloodline Telemon [4] Melcamot [5] Nomarche [6]
Psionic Aspect [7] "Control" "Serendipty" "Power"
Psi Stat Precision [8] Fortune [9] Strength [10]
Identifying Mark [11] Ice blue hair? Very pale complexion Blue & white eyes
Hegemonic Reign 1519-2008 1192-1519 2008-c.2453

[1] I believe Jayla is "red" because she was represented as a red gem addressing the parliament on Crux.
[2] Or Doraine (the reigning blue Hegemon) or her son Daniel, presumably. The Melcamots have all been observed to light up the blue light on the amulet of Verification. This is part of the verification process.
[3] Katya is green in Cassandra's latest picture. Katya has the distinctive eye pattern of the Nomarche family, and Janzur observed Vissarion Nomarche to light up the green light on the Amulet of Verification when it was on Ridena. Ghier percieved Katya to be green during his experiment.
[4] This is a guess, based on nailing down the other two, and based on the fact that the entries in Jayla's book go back to about the time of the mad hegemon.
[5] Donella is of direct descendent of Artemis Melcamot.
[6] Katya has the distinctive eye pattern of the Nomarche family.
[7] These are the Decider terms for the three psi substats.
[8] This is speculation. Jayla has an unusually high precision of psi for an Outworlder.
[9] This is speculation. Eva is not aware of any psi talents among the Melcamots, her cousins, but fortune is not typically regarded as psi. It does seem to be supported by the visions people got on Juice though.
[10] Ghier perceived Katya to have incredible reserves of strength of psi during his recent experiment.
[11] See intuition #7.

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