July Quiz

  1. When Elijah encountered opposition after his victory on Mount Carmel, what did he say to God?
  2. How did Elijah curse the kingdom of Ahab?
  3. What town would produce a ruler for Israel, according to Micah's prophecy?
  4. How does God feel about religious observances from those who don't practice justice and righteousness?
  5. Do Christians do good works in order to be saved, or are they saved in order to do good works?
  6. What unites Jew, Greek, slave, free, male and female?
  7. Who did David say would be king after him?
  8. When is it acceptable for Christians to complain or argue?
  9. How did God describe the city of Ninevah when it turned back to evil?
  10. How long did it take Solomon to build his palace?
  11. How do Christians fulfill the law of Christ?
  12. How did the prophet feel when Nineveh turned from its evil ways?
  13. When did Israel split off from Judah?
  14. When should Christians rejoice?

Check your answers against the quiz key.

The Bible in 11 Months
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