Quiz for June

  1. When Peter first preached about Jesus, his hearers asked, "What shall we do?". What was Peter's response?
  2. What did the Jebusites say when David attacked Jerusalem?
  3. After Philip told the Ethiopian the good news about Jesus, what did the Ethiopian do?
  4. What showed the noble character of the Bereans?
  5. What was Daniel's vision of "one like a son of man"?
  6. In Hosea, what reason did God give for not carrying out his fierce anger?
  7. What did Ananias tell Saul to do?
  8. What was David's response upon learning of Saul's death?
  9. Why did David insist on paying for Araunah's oxen?
  10. What was the response of the apostles to persecution from the Sanhedrin?
  11. Why would Saul's kingdom not endure?
  12. Where were disciples of Jesus first called Christians?
  13. Why did Samuel have a different idea than God had about which son would be king?
  14. How did David despise the word of God?

Check your answers against the quiz key.

The Bible in 11 Months
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